Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by stirling2, Nov 24, 2006.

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  1. Four things that you personally would not find funny but would have the rest of us dining out for years....

    1. You catch a dose from the wife..
    2. You follow through a 2 pint squirty one in your local whilst going 'commando' in white jeans..
    3. You pass said dose onto your girlfriend..
    4. Your wifes lover turns out to be your dad..

    Only one of the above has happened to me.. :D
  2. I reckon its number 2 :lol:
  3. No, I think No. 4
  4. I hope its number 2 :D
  5. Spot on creakin...I managed to rush home, showered and changed and made it back for last orders. 8O
  6. Lucky your wife wasn't pissed off with you at the time and in possession of a video... or it'd have ended up on YouTube! :lol:
  7. How did you know I was divorced ( twice) AAC ? :lol:
  8. You deserve it for wearing white jeans. :D
  9. Number four! It smacks of Trisha!
  10. White jeans, how long ago was that ?? 70's !!!, and what caused the splutter bum, too many prunes ??
  11. and thats when you discovered No 4
  12. I would have died with embarrassment ,
  13. It was the 70's and the splatterbum was caused by a dodgy BBQ in the afternoon :lol:

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