Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Kittykat, Oct 17, 2009.

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  1. Any Are boys out there?
  2. Good on ya. Many on here of the leander era. No doubt someone will respond. 8)
  3. Hello Kittykat,

    Not ex-Arethusa myself but a very good friend of mine was. Sadly he crossed the bar, too, last Year.**

    TS ARETHUSA Old Boys:

    Some TS ARETHUSA photographs here:

    **John (Tony) Jacklin RIP. {ex TS ARETHUSA I believe John was a Communicator before joining the Regulating Branch. Lt Cdr on retiring 15 yrs ago.}
  4. Kitty - I know several ex-Arethusa boys but I don't think any of them frequent RR. One of them was also a Communicator (RS - Radio Supervisor) who eventually became a Lt Cdr MCD (Minewarfare & Clearance Diving). Sadly he crossed the bar in July this year at the relatively young age of 63. However, we did give him a good send-off (See entry for 16 Aug 09 here).

    On the upside, this afternoon I will be taking my visiting father-in-law to my sailing club where we will meet up for a beer or three with my best man of 28 years ago. My best man happens to be... an ex-Arethusa boy. :)
  5. Thanks 4 the links to the photos,I will have a good look at them later when I get a bit of time 2 myself,looking forward 2 it.
  6. This is an old thread but here goes anyway. Is there anybody out there who can, by chance, put a name to the guy on the left. I know who the good looking one on the right is but the other name eludes me. This was taken on the Arethusa sometime between August 1966 and August 1967 during our Far East trip.

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  7. I think both are called "Jack".
    The one on the right may have a suffix of " me dhoby bucket" by the way the caps on.:smile:
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  8. Naval_Gazer reference the ex RS promoted to Lt Cdr (MCD) would that by any chance be Dave Forsey ?
    If so I served with him on the Maxton in Hong Kong 1972 he was a 2 ringer MCDO ?
  9. Speedkey - Dave Forsey is still around and I heard from him only last week. The Arethusa boy who died was called Dave Ellis.
  10. '
    BTW another ex-ARETHUSA boy who made good & came up through the hawse pipe making Lt Cdr SD X was John 'Tony' Jacklin.

    I don't recall his source branch but Tony was an ex-MAA and a great guy all round. He lived in Selsey for many years

    A very good off-shore sailing buddy of mine but he crossed the bar a couple of years or so ago (he was only in his mid fifties, too)...

    Bob L
  11. Thanks Naval+Gazer that bloody good news

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