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Arent you glad we dont ...


War Hero
Silver Fox, there are only two kinds of Chockheads on a fixed wing carrier, "The quick and the dead" :wink:
Great footage Chocks, cheers for the heads up.


RoofRat said:
Silver Fox, there are only two kinds of Chockheads on a fixed wing carrier, "The quick and the dead" :wink:
Great footage Chocks, cheers for the heads up.

Spot on RoofRat - there are exceptions however - remember NA V*C*E*S! Quick and (brain) dead - especially when he drove the tractor over the side of Ark!


War Hero
poor Charlie, what about when he tried to make his racing bike lighter by drilling holes in it & wondering why it collapsed when he got on it.

We nearly lost one down south when taff jo*es won the who can get nearest the round down competitionwhen moving onto Hermes 9 spot & had to get the crane to lift it back onto the deck.


War Hero
remember NA V*C*E*S! Quick and (brain) dead

I'd love to meet the guy who marked his papers with a pass at the School.
What a dimsh*t.
I wonder what he is doing for a living these days?
snapdragon said:
What can i say. And this is the world's superpower.

And i hear their president gives a Christmas message on behalf of his dog.

Spent a lot of time on carriers, have you, Snappy?
Allow me to let you in on a little secret:
It's one of the most dangerous work environments in the world. A moments inattention can get you killed. I've seen a few "mishaps" like these. The worst was watching an aviation bosuns mate walk into the propeller of an E-2C Hawkeye. He wasn't an idiot, he was an experienced sailor, who just lost his concentration for a moment, and took one step in the wrong direction.
No comment on the Bushbaby's moronic dog message. You got me there :roll:

PS to Nutty-Bag: I'd like to think you guys could do it better, but I'd bet you've had you fair share as well. You're just smart enough not to let it get out on video for public consumption :D :D
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