Are you working class and worried about the future?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by EarlyChop, Jun 26, 2011.

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  1. Ageing_Gracefully

    Ageing_Gracefully War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    The Working Class can kiss my ass
    For I am now retired at last

  2. Trust The Independent to continue a classist agenda.
  3. :laughing2: And us with four pensions between us. The only thing pissing us off is that we will be paying income tax untill the end.:evil3: But ;- If I was still grafting I would be manning the barricades.:naka:
  4. Unfortunately the video is has been withdrawn from the web, some copy write tussle going on.

  5. love that pic.

    Our class system is no less defined since the turn of the century. Its just all the underclasses can now buy big telly's.
  6. Can you clarify that please EC? Not a dig, I genuinely don't understand what you mean. Thanks.
  7. Sorry I didn't say it right.

    Despite John Majors plans for a classless society we are no closer to it now than at the turn of the century, modern technology has blurred the more obvious distinctions between classes.
  8. Unfortunately many consider themselves to be working class who have long since or have never ever been working class. I refer to that class of citizen who though physically and mentally able to work manage to avoid working and instead rely on the state to live.
    A new class should be introduced known as the SHIRKING class. We have many in our society. This of course would be at a much lower level than Working class which many of us who work and have worked for a living claim to belong to.
    The Labour party once known as the party of the working class should also be renamed as the Benefit party. Under Labour benefits were raised to a level which for many would make working for a living impossible as their benefits far outway any salary they could earn by joining the working class.
  9. Having worked like a dog all my life, I care nothing for their predicament for I have a place within the lifeboat.......Jack.
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  10. The BBC had one of their "price gurus" on breakfast television, who candidly stated that food prices haven't really gone up at all, instead consumers were buying more "white goods" instead which resulted in people not spending on food. Rather odd as I cannot remember the last time I needed to buy a washing machine/fridge/ but have noticed food prices going up. Where do the Beeb trawl for their "gurus?" Not worried about the future because the politicians tell me its going to be all right, and Finks is still posting.

    and room 101.

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