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Are you serving or retired

Are you still in the RN or Not.

  • Serving under 30 years old

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  • Serving, between 30 and 50 years old

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  • Ex RN, under 30

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  • Ex RN under 50

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  • Ex Rn over 50

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  • Not Ex Services just interested

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Interesting, around 250 views of the thread, only 26 have bothered to make an entry into the poll, even allowing for some of us visiting the thread several times its a low poll turnout.
Ex RN. Did 12 years and came out on notice in '90.
Enjoyed my first 9, then when I re-engaged, they stuck me in a crane at Coulport for 2 years, then gave me a Guzz based ship, so I said "Phuque ye!"
I'd still do it again, though.
Did 24 years from 71 to 95 , loved it at time , but love it outside now , and agree far to much PC , don't think i could handle it now , :roll: :lol:
Let me back in!!! :lol: I can't cope with daylight, like the fresh air though! I miss being in a confined space, clambering up and down ladders and the comradeship. All I ask is a Joss-free navy!

The only bit I would definately NOT want to do again was go to Ganges :cry: : so I'd say join at 16 and go to Raleigh. :)
Did almost 25 years, 1967 to 1991 - JRO to CRS, some in boats but otherwise a mixture of ship-types. Glad I did it, and if I were 16/17 now I'd do it again. However, I'm 54 and I'm not sure I'd handle all the changes.

I do think the equipment, ships, pay and conditions seem to be better nowadays. Can't comment on discipline as I've had nothing to do with the RN since 1991 - but then, I was an OD most of my career anyway!
Joined in 85 when we still had a few ships, Leanders, Counties, 21s etc etc.

Due out in a couple of years and although I've enjoyed it, it's probably a good time to go. :)
17 years, left because the ex got a hump on when I was drafted (me too because some USN 2 1/2 signed my draft chit, and the Capt Office didn't see the difference in the name ( :? :x )
Regret leaving sometimes, as does my old dad, and he's 85!!

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