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Are you serving or retired

Are you still in the RN or Not.

  • Serving under 30 years old

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  • Serving, between 30 and 50 years old

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  • Ex RN, under 30

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  • Ex RN under 50

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  • Ex Rn over 50

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  • Not Ex Services just interested

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Book Reviewer
Following up on HTP's question
Poll to see who is serving, thinking of joining or ex RN etc


War Hero
Did my dozen (1952-1964) best thing I ever did and will never regret one thing about it except not staying in. Not sure how I would cope with the changes but maybe " boats " is still boats. If yer in great, if yer thinking about it don't hesitate get in



Lantern Swinger
Finished 24 in 1995. Found life outside a little strange at first but used to it now.

Would I join again - I don't think so. Too many changes - too few reasons to change and listening in here - way way to many political correcties in there now !


War Hero
Left 88 at the time it was great then it became apparent just how much the mob looked after/did for you what a shock! What a big bad world. Used to it now.
All the same would do it all again, some things slightly different though


War Hero
Served 12 years regular and now 6th year in the RNR. Work with the RN also as a civvie. Horrible to see the PC changes going on.


Did my little bit.......11 years.......mainly boats (dieselsaurus T boats ).


Don't think I would enjoy todays Navy as much..........but who knows.


War Hero
Still serving and close to completing 27 years having submitted my notice and awaiting early release to commence new employment.

Have really enjoyed my time and the good times far outweigh the bad ones, but it really is time to go now.

Thanks for the memories and comrades through the years


Lantern Swinger
did 14 yrs 75 to 89 loved it would i join now ? dont think so "the good times" will never be what they were too many rules and regs now the square gash bag was king in my day hope the new recruits enjoy it u can only try :lol:


Book Reviewer
Interesting, around 250 views of the thread, only 26 have bothered to make an entry into the poll, even allowing for some of us visiting the thread several times its a low poll turnout.
Ex RN. Did 12 years and came out on notice in '90.
Enjoyed my first 9, then when I re-engaged, they stuck me in a crane at Coulport for 2 years, then gave me a Guzz based ship, so I said "Phuque ye!"
I'd still do it again, though.


Did 24 years from 71 to 95 , loved it at time , but love it outside now , and agree far to much PC , don't think i could handle it now , :roll: :lol:
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