Are you p'ssed off with mob and why?

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by angry_mac, May 17, 2007.

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  1. Really got to ask, I love the laughs with the lads, the banter, tbh I love my actual job (WE).
    1.The constant erosion of privileges and perks (e.g. we now have to pay for meals on ships alongside)
    2.The exponential rise of useless officers. whose pay unfortunately doesnt reflect what they actually do or know
    3. No more cruising, you use to go from A-B and just do your job, now its A-B doing week 4 of frigging BOST all the time. No shit i bimbled on board the Clown today and the warfare dept are doing a friggin fast cruise whilst jan dockie is still scaffolding.
    Oh RANT not over, the day before, THE DAY BEFORE Non Fleet Date and Refit begins we are out in the sound doing a friggin Thursday War, with all the Bost ships.
    5. PAY 2000, no more to be said, everyone knows about that little gem
    6. 5 year Drafts.
    7. Why oh why in every recruiting advert/picture/Navy News spead is there Token Wren(in soft focus) and Token Ethnic.
    8. No spares to fix my gear
    9. Officers who dont believe what you tell them, even though you are probably more academically gifted than they are. I mean a Degree in geology will get you far Sir.

    Sorry for rant I do love the mob and will miss most of it after 22 yrs done, but unfortunately the direction its going is not the same direction a lot of excellent professional matelots are going.
    To newbies please dont get disheartened, cynical 18 yr done matelot moaning ;)

    Why have i posted this in submariners, f'ck knows!
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    How's about this Mac?

    I had started to systematically answer every single point you raised, trying to shoot you down, then suddenly deleting it, thinking, "Yup, I'll give him that one"

    Guess what shipmate? :lol:

    Yep, it's changed, but a lot of it for the better & doubtless our forebears thought likewise of us mate. I'm still in recruiting & yet when I joined (only 8 years before you) I was bemoaning the quality of those joining, yet I respect you & those that follow.

    Give them the benefit of your wisdom mate, let's not be too harsh.
  3. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    The grass isn't always greener, now being ex forces I stay away from home alot..and shock..horror...I have to pay for all my meals and they aint subsidised. I also have to deal with people in supposed positions of authority and find my self wondering who's arrse they kissed to get where they are....but I do get to tell them to shove it where the sun dont shine if it takes my fancy.
    I am also expected to have token ethnics, gays, disabled people work for me as well...why?..fcuknows, if they're good enough I'll employ them regardless of there token issues....but I also get to fire them.... :twisted:

    Try dealing with some of the fcuking ridiculus policies on this side of the fence, at least in the mob most people can see them for the shite they are, some idiots in civvy street actually embrace them and make a living enforcing them.
  4. You were in a different navy to mine matey. We never had privileges or perks, so they didn't erode.

    Officers were always useless, thats why we had Senior Rates.

    Anyone who had to do Basic Operational Sea Training all the time should have learn't the first time around and advanced themselves to COST.

    As for the Thursday War with BOST ships, see my dit above about COST.

    Pay, well you either got it or you were in the shit .......... and didn't.

    Who worried about recruitment when there was alphabetical classes of ships with at least 6 ships to a class and you had too many people to send to sea? That's why they invented the RNR, to slope people elsewhere.

    I knew a bloke that spent 12 years on the Antrim. Whats the drip about 5 year drafts?

    No spare gear, officers who don't believe what you tell them. Give me a break, you think thats new. Good Grief.

    I joined the Pusser a few years ago at which time my old sea dad told me that the Navy was going to ratshit. He also told me that the modern day sailor knew Jackshit, but personally, I never met the bloke. Nonetheless, it's no different now to what it was then. It's just smaller.
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Wow! It looks like we all agree!
  6. To Angry Mac see drips are all the same ,takes me back and i was in over 30 odd yrs ago .You luv it really,all the best. should ave joined boats.Lower Lid Shut Sir ,2Clips,2Pins.
  7. Its all BOST now mate no COSTs, Bost is every 2 years as well, oh and it lasts for 7 weeks. We also have CST, which is basically an excuse for Fosties to visit you on deployment and ensure you kept to standards.
    Most shit that happens onboard, especially the continual 'training' is self induced by the good ideas club in the wardroom, i.e. Ops or XO chasing his 3rd ring, but this isnt a new thing.
    In fact its a relief to get to Bost because you come under Fost control for training, and the wardroom get reined in with their 'bright ideas'.
    TBH Bost has changed a lot and for the good, focus is on training and not beasting.
    But we dont want to be doing a Bost every time we go to sea.

    Just want to see other peoples ups and downs
  8. oh dear guys ,guess I'll just have to try and be a half decent officer if i graduate from BRNC then guys...........
  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    A half would be a start, Lofty!
  10. well sad fact is if i'm seen as a fully decent officer by the lower decks probably won't be doing my job properly.

    best i can hope for is to be seen as fair do what i can behind the scenes to make peoples life easier , and accept that at times people will hate my guts,

    that'll and i will probably be a crap officer anyway :lol:
  11. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Either way, hope you learn to learn the correct use of capitals, punctuation & correct spelling in time to tender your resignation correctly.

    However, if you don't, you'll be on equal terms with the rest of 'em!

    Good luck Lofty!
  12. To be a good officer, just remember two things

    He may be a 'just' a rating, but he may be as bright if not brighter than you

    What can you bring to the Navy, not how the Navy can advance you to your own ends, yes we all like to do well, but dont tread on other people to get there. Look after your men before you look after yourself, and beleive me your men will get you that next promotion.
  13. Bear with me I've had a long day.. Full day researching the Russian navies use of the Caspian sea since the First World War plus to gym makes my spelling go through the floor.

    Plus I wouldn't want to disappoint you lot and start spelling correctly. You'd only think I was a walt :p

    Thanks I'm sure I will need it... mind you may come to regret that statement in a few years time.....

    Angry Mac, I have nothing but respect for lower decks. I know when it comes to it half of them, if not more, if given the same opportunities I was lucky enough to get would be where I am or probably better. I on the other hand would probably not have done half as well if in their situation.

    My degree in Politics with economics from a decent uni, a year as a civil servant(whilst at uni) and 6 months working for an EOD consultancy. Plus my training at BRNC doesn't come close to trumping the real life experence of the navy held by senior and for a few years at least junior rates

    I also have a reputation amoungst those who have worked with me and know me for being very loyal to and very protective of friends and people who work for or with me. Something i am proud of and would prefer to be know for than reaching flag rank and be seen a backstabbing bastard
    any day

    That said everything i post here is just smoke and air, its how i act when i get in that really matters So we shall see.


    ps hope the spelling wasn't to bad

    pps. Crap just noticed the Bear first word for christs sake :oops:
  14. Dont tell me that you meant BARE?
  15. Thank God my memory is failing!! I can only remember the happy times.
    We all used to drip like the proverbial tap about our apportioned lot, but enjoyed ourselves for the major part of our service, despite the fifteen months absences, cramped messdecks, low pay, inconsiderate and less than knowledgeable officers (some), "home sea service" entailing periods of 3/4 months away from home, strict discipline, restricted leave, lack of married quarters, ---- I could go on, but as I said, I only remember the good times !
    We used to call it "life in a blue suit" , but then, we had proper blue suits and wore them all the time - - - - - etc. etc. etc. etc.
    Nothing changes. Enjoy it while you can. You'll feel much better in twenty years time when you're the only one drawing a pension and the khaki clad sea defence force are fighting each other to serve in the one remaining seagoing ship, HMS "Lonesome".

    And it is "bear".

    Strictly tongue in cheek.
  16. Sorry Hig he is correct. Bare with me would suggest Simon wanted to stip simultaneously. You up for that boys? I'll watch.
  17. Those drips seem mostly in line with evry drip during my srvice. Slight changes but oh well, same old crap. Bottom line is that when you go outside you will realise what an easy life you had in the mob. It really is money for old rope. The only down side is the time away and training exercises but then guess what??? That's what your main job is. When you work in a similar job outside (i.e. offshore work) and you see the firefighting / damage control efforts on some of the ships, you get a feeling of self satisfaction knowing that you could do it properly and much better than them. You also learned enough to knwo that when you don't have a bunch of well trained matelots backign you up, you do the next best thing, grab your lifejacket and head for the lifeboats.
    Navy life is a piece of piss, always has been and always will be, you just have to realise that you aren't doing it for free. Wink.
  18. Lingyai is right we all dripped when we were in the mob. Outside is no better except I get home a lot more as for hard times make the most of what you have free gym(I pay £400 a year) free dental (I pay a shed load)
    Free travel (Ditto).
    The mob is an easy life enjoy it as you will miss some things when you leave.
  19. Well I am glad to see in reality little has changed since I left over 30 years ago. Oh and as an ex officer I can asure you some ratings and senior rates were right plonkers too
  20. Very true WB, and even worse I have had to work for ex crabs, twice, that would never happen in the mob.

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