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Top news item today Windsor and Middleton split up.

I am appalled with all that is going on in the world that the media think we are so shallow that they pump this rubbish out as the top news item.
finknottle said:
Top news item today Windsor and Middleton split up.
Oh my God!!!! 8O How will we ever cope again!

The only two people in the whole wide world who have ever got together and split up :!:

At least it's bumped the RN off the front pages for a while.
Daily Mail Editor's comment.

That's the problem with Today's Royalty no commitment, it would not have happened in Queen Victoria's day.

General Sir Michael Rose agrees with the Daily Mail and says he will write yet another book telling us how disgusted he is (after he has talked to every paper that will listen to him).

The Americans told the Daily Mail that Rambo would not have split up with his girlfriend.

A passing nutter blamed the Royal split on the two Sailors from HMS Cornwall.
Potential_Officer said:
Bring on the Glorious day when we choose our Head of State.

Remember the Navy fought on the side of Parliament in the Civil War!
Remember P.O.
The R.N. is the only service which does not need to take an oath of allegiance. The R.N. is the sovereigns service.
You can imagine it, "Sorry bird, you're out. I'm oorf round the world with my muckers and mummy says I must sow my wild oats"

Or words to that effect.
Possibly :)
Nope! Just checked the sun has risen, my pensions in, and me missus is doing the Sunday fry up........................ BTW who's Kate Middleton? ;-)
dondon said:
Would that be Harry Hewitt
No, no, no. He really is a Windsor.

It's just pure coincidence that he is ginger, doesn't look like the rest of them, acts like a prat and has joined the Household Cavalry.

Ermmmm . . . :?


Lantern Swinger
Potential_Officer said:
Bring on the Glorious day when we choose our Head of State.

Remember the Navy fought on the side of Parliament in the Civil War!
So did the commies against their SZAR

Potential Officer.

Well mate you are going into the wrong service if you feel like that, in fact you are wrong going into any British service, with anti Royal feelings, she is the Queen of our Navy whether you and your kind like it or not. So you are going to give your word to support "The Queen", the throne, and her descendents, that's before Nu Labour, etc etc, who ever is the parliament.

Then if the bolshies do get in [heaven forbid] you are going to become a Benedict Arnold?? YOU, who are going to give men orders that will determine their lives, you should join the F*****g Brownies, brownies at least haven't given their word about loyalty to some-one who they intend to stab in the back when it suits them, could even be the day after you have given your word.!!!! and signed on the dotted line :?: .

An oath given by some-one who intends to join the other side, Fcuk, "YOU" make me sick. An oath, which to an Officer in Her Majesties Royal Navy, is as good as their bond. :evil: :evil: Fcuk off and join the guys on the other side, you don't deserve to be called British, nor an officer in her Majesty's Navy. :x :x

Emigrate to America, or join the Taliban, They need rats like you, this goes for all the other guys who were quick enough to take the Queens shilling when it suited them, then suddenly turn against the Establishment , probably would leave a sinking ship just as quick. :twisted: If I live to be two b****y hundred, I will never break any oath that I have given as my oath is my word, even when things change.

Of course you guys don't get a TOT, :?: cause on the side of the rum tub was written in brass letters:THE QUEEN GOD BLESS
and thankfully I drunk her TOT and swore allegiance to her every day [except under stoppage, and I couldn't blame her for it] :?:

Matelots having a ball, about Prince William, and Kate Middleton, you sound like F****old ladies, or should I say gossiping old fish wives, thankfully I don't have to live and work with guys like you, I couldn't trust one of you, matelots!!! spit !!! we all should be above this sort of "Gutter Press", that's who is wanting silly bleeders like you to write garbage like I have read in these two pages.

Grow up, :evil: :evil: :evil: or sign on somewhere else the Navy doesn't need creeps like you.


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