Are you Inadvertently Homosexual?

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by NotmeChief, May 9, 2008.

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  1. I was looking for something I saw earlier to add to the Yank comic v Brit comic and came across this - it's a bit old now, but an interesting insight.

  2. Kinel Mate this story is over 6 years old, FFS get current will you. 2002 this story broke it's now 2008.

    Get a Grip mate :pukel: :pukel: :pukel:
  3. I did say - it's a bit old now
  4. It doesn't matter, the article mentions backward looking Admirals and Poofters, all at the same time!

    I can see Norman girding his loins as we speak.

  5. i must admit that donkey did you look quite nice in the shower this morning, however he must improve his catching ability - every time i threw him the soap he dropped it right at my feet.

    the amount of times i had to pick it up was embarressing.
  6. Having seen some of the slappers around where I live, if that's the alternative then I glad I'm gay!!!!! :thumright:
  7. In answer to the ( but as they say..if you haven't tried it.......???) :bball:
  8. Definately not. Nor am I inadvertently heterosexual....

    When I was a Junior in the ROC the only discussion of gays was in the context of being predatory. That said, on one of the NATO exercises we took part in, our "Library" (read: porn stash, appropriately stowed in the siren crate) had a single gay porn mag - very tame by today's standards. I found the close-up pics of women's private parts in the straight pornomags quite revolting :pukel: , but I must admit, though I didn't realise I was so inclined, I preferred the male semi-nudes in black leather..... :roll: :bball: The ROC were virulently homophobic - in fact the reason I didn't remain in the ROC Association was their open hostility to gays.

    PS: Was Admiral Twiss related to Hilary Roddam (or should that be Goddam?) Clinton? Interesting that he should share a first name with a woman..... ;) Even more interesting that he should have the name ROD-DAM... or read another way: ROD-EM! :twisted:
  9. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    While the details of that event are not recorded, the admirals believed that the larger "Bermuda case" exposed more than 400 men to potential blackmail by foreign agents.

    PMSL,,,,hahahahaha,,,,,The Bermuda triangle just has more mysteries than meets the one eye.

    Pinch it may be old news to you, but some of us were'nt born before the 60's and were'nt on the Eagle.
  10. And I brought up as a good catholic boy may inadvertently decide to become jewish...
    Yeah right! Oh look there goes a pig....
    Strangely though and talking of Bermuda my very first draft to the Ashanti was because of this kind of thing; a couple of poor sods had been caught in a compromising position so to speak.
    They needed a couple of spare sparkes and ended up with muggins.
    A tribal class frigate and the atlantic in the winter were not a happy mix, not by any stretch of the imagination.
  11. Perhaps these senior naval officers were getting their 50% figures from the public school educated wardroom members, who possibly thought this was a normal practice for all men.
    I served from 63 to 85 and though there were a small number of hetero sexual matelots who would have turned a Kai Tai over it was that a few. most matelots were turned off and even revolted by the thought of bum fun. I served in eagle between 65 and 67. Yes we had a few sailors discharged but it was a few including one EM(A) I knew and he wasn't a shirt lifter. he was ripped off and wrote to his MP and even the Queen, I do hope that Polly C has managed to sting the crown for some compensation.
    We had a steward who bveame a demolition expert, he was caught blowing a sailor up, and some young junior seaman who was loved by a Royal Marine.
    However for a ship of it's size it certainly did not have any more than it's fair share.
  12. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    SNOWI's postie (who 2BM might remember) in the early '60's was a local lad of the "opposite persuation", wonder if that had anything to do with the equation?
  13. Women are all right but you cant beat the real thing.

  14. 80's, My first Skipper was arrested by the Joss, SO and the Jimmy (don’t know which one actually arrested him) after two baby WEM’s woke up in his cabin with bruising around their nether regions.
    He was sent to HMS Raleigh to take charge of the trainees.
    The thing was he was I good skipper and a nice bloke, maybe too nice.
  15. PMSL!!! :thumright:

    Inflatable sailors.... :biggrin:

    So you knew Blobbs back then too! ;) :dwarf:
  16. Its the bit about 'discharging sailors' that is making me laugh
  17. Obviously NOT a airline to fly with when seated next to matelots or booties dressed as ladies of the night.... ;)
  18. I find that statement very odd, there must have been a courts Martial, or is this another, my mate Bert told me?..................

  19. I suppose this would be HMS Noshingham as it become known. :thumright:

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