Are you in this pic,

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Norway Chris, Jan 20, 2012.

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  1. Front row,7th from left is me[​IMG]
  2. No! Joined her after she got back from the Far Flung and we never went anywhere where trop kit was required again.

  3. No .
  4. This is where i had the missfortune/greatest day of my life when i met rumrat (Steve ),my life was never the same again :)
  5. So where is the white effnik in the photo then?
  6. The front row are all seaman branch,i dont see the old sot though so i presume he joined the Dev later on in the deployment,

    sat here laughing to myself,my god there were some right animals in that front row :laughing2:
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  7. And I would have been in the photo - if it was of ANTRIM's Ship Coy!
  8. Whats your oppo to your right telling you thats that important not to look at the camera??
  9. If my memory serves me correct i think he said "look at the jenny wren doing the dance of the flameing assholes over there Chris" :)
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  10. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    No - but thanks for asking.
  11. My pleasure,if one doesnt ask one doesnt know,
  12. What year is this & whats the location?
  13. I think its 71 in Gib or Grand canaria
  14. I joined the Dev on January the 14th 1971. I came off leave and draft from Whale Island. If my memory serves me well you joined in singers about April 72 and then stayed on after I left at the end of 73.
    The day the photo was taken I was in Terror barracks cells with Dave Griffiths and Brum Fullwood.
    I believe we had given an American the news he did not wish to hear.
    He asked Nick why the British were not fighting in Vietnam and the answer "Because the Vietcong are winning without our help" was not the right one.
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  15. Its singers, in '72.

  16. Your getting old you old scroat,hehehehe,i joined Dev in Pompey and even went to Copenhagen for the kings funeral,think your right about singers and 72 though :)
  17. This was at around then, took on the focsul of the Dev in Singers and is dated on the side.

    Can you bileive those friggin sideburns? Fuckin Joss must have been awol.:-D
  18. Jesus you're right cus you was there when I did the live sex show in that club with the bird who invited members from the audience.
    And the old geezer who wedding tackle was like all of ours glued together.:-D:laughing2:
  19. It must have been hot, the sun's bleached your skin white, either that or your Michael Jackson and I claim the £5.
  20. Cant believe how skin you were,:) ,nice pics Steve,good memorys and wouldnt change it for the world

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