Been watching the pgm on BBC about people in debt unbelievable and there I was with the alarm bells ringing being a month behind with the water rates.

According to the house of snores we should turn the water down to a trickle for those who do not pay there water rates. I thought you had to pay is there an option??

Anyways eighty two yr old woman on the pgm had them there letters telling her she had won millions just sent admin fee for eight quid send us your credit card details. Even when her daughter took over her affairs she stll insisted that the one fron las Vegas could be the real thing.

The old saying if it sounds to good to be true it aint.
What person in this country is NOT in debt these days?
If this ineffectual government stopped pandering to the big companies and the unions, and actually did what they were elected for - perhaps the public utilities would be just that, and not being used to top up bank accounts for the directors.
Not forgetting that the previous Tory government need a slap or two for starting the ball rolling on privatisation too!

But did you note that they will be reduced to a 'trickle' and then it is reportedthat a lout gets a KFC and coke (drinking type I hope) for sitting on a roof, ripping tiles up, and lobbing them at the police - because it was his 'human right' :x

Water of life is obviously NOT a human right these days (but you can still have Bliar's garden watered because it is a Royal Garden (that'll please the WW) :?

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