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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by fly_past, Oct 24, 2007.

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  1. Are you guilty of parking in Parent and child places at supermarkets -when you have no child with you?

    Imust admit i took my mother with me a few weeks ago and parked in one of the places and got loads of verbal about not parking there from a woman (already parked) with her young brat. I told them what i thought and carried on (mum was out of earshot at this point).

    It is not Illegal to park in these spots for anybody. They have no basis in law and cannot be policed any more vigorously than any other Tesco car parking place.

    The Only one that has legal basis is the disabled bays and since i am not (yet) disabled I just dont park tthere.

    Small rant over.... now its your turn.......
  2. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Women are like parking bays, sometimes all the good ones are gone so you have to sneak into a disabled one..... :oops:
  3. Top tip, my brother had an old kiddy car seat that he was tipping, so I just took it off his hands and placed it in the back of the car, now no-one has a go at me when I park in the parent and child spaces.......

    .... to this end if anyone as an old wheel chair they dont want get in touch
  4. I did the exact same thing when I was on leave in the Summer - I took my 71 year old mum to Asda and parked in one of those bays. Technically I was in the right and, as she is over 70, it meant we could park closer.
  5. My mum is not quite as old as yours Tattoo dog . .but she does have false teeth!

    My small gripe was with the old sow who had a go at me parking there with no small child....
    my reply was.... Look lady, Thats my mum , I'm her child. And for your info, these places are not enforceable so Bug*er off and go and buy some E numbers for your brat." Rude Yes, Effective ...very!
  6. My local big shop has these bays, and their 'Parking Officers' state that as they (the shop) provides the bays for use by said persons, then their rules for usage apply.
    They even go as far as to clamp any transgressors (Police state innit !!)

    But as for parking in them, no chance, cos there are too many Chav 4wd's in my local area to get the chance to use the bays .. !!

  7. Here in Spain such things are unheard of.
    Children are generally fit, and the parents of said being young mostly, are fit too. Why on earth shouldn't they walk being the logic.
    Neither being a child nor possessing one is a disability, madness possibly but disability no, and I cannot see why any special privilege should be given.
    Dammit there are people around here who survived a civil war, and the nearly forty years of oppression afterwards. They sure as hell can walk a few yards to a supermarket door.
  8. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    LMAO ,,,,,,only 1 friend and there legs are failing
  9. The mother and child spaces are not so the child does not have so far too walk. if you notice they are wider than a standard space to enable the mothers to get the children out without damaging the car next to them. Solution is to put the mother and child car park at the far end of the car park, then see how many mothers still use them.
  10. hmmm young kids walking round a car park- yep good idea!!
  12. No problems seeing how well they can play chase around the supermarket
  13. Im not lazy - nor are my kids- I use them as the ones at my local Asda (opp Collingwood!) are close to both entrance, and trolley bay- therefore my kids do not have to walk in the car park- and it makes the whole shopping horror quicker and easier!

    Personnally I'd rather not take the kids shopping but with OH working, and lack of after school babysitters- its not that easy!
  14. Why cant we have special bays for normal people who are not disabled but dont fancy their property (car) being damaged by some idiot drivers thoughtlessness and blindness?
  15. Shouldn’t that be parent and child spaces? I only park in the parent and child spaces when I’ve got my two-year-old daughter with me, and then it’s for the extra space to get the pushchair out of the way of passing cars. If there are no parent and child spaces (when I’ve got the daughter) I generally park as far away from shop as possible because most people can’t be bothered to park that far away so I get the extra space of an empty bay.

  16. If I have to use a bay for parking I park accross 2 bays so that others do not damage my car! I have had several instances of this -costing me lots of ££££$$$£££ in repair bills. I get peeved as you can tell!

    If I catch the morons who dent /bust bits off of my car - stand by!
  17. I agree with you 100%. I also park at the far end of the carpark to get a free bay either side of my car. Saves the damage done by careless parkers. When I have my two grandsons with me I still park there. No problem holding their hands while walking from the carpark to the shops.
    i tried this with my son but he said he thought that he was too grown up, well I suppose he is 35.
  19. WB Have you no pride? But there again, any port in a storm. :biggrin:
  20. Scouse Scribes
    your assumptions are correct. Tesco Asda and anyone else owning a car park can make their own rules as to who uses that car park. If they wished to have separate rows for red, green and blue cars and clamped anyone for parking in the wrong coloured row so be it. As long as it is promulgated. In the news recently one of the larger retails stated that at one of their stores they were introducing clamping for those without children parking in parent & child spaces. The release fee all 100% would be given to some children's charity.

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