Police in Canada are investigating attacks on children with red hair after an anti-ginger group was set up by a teenager on Facebook.

Officers said a teenager was believed to be behind the online site promoting "National Kick a Ginger Day".

It is thought an episode of the animated series South Park, known for its satirical humour, recently focused on red-heads and that the programme was the inspiration for the Facebook bullying campaign.


Lantern Swinger
Much taunted until I grew larger. "Ginger you're barmy ought to join the army" Although I became darker brown I kept my hair coilour for three score years and ten
what an enduring mental picture Jenny........... :thumright:

.......oh yeah, the thread.

The South park episode was called "Ginger kids", which was about Cartman ripping on ginger kids calling their disease "Gingervitus", he gives a speech in class ( ), basically another attack on Kyle for being ginger, so they teach him a lesson, by dyeing his hair ginger.

So this 14-yr old Canadian (Canadians are also subject to much ridicule in South Park) made a facebook page that was supposed to be in the same style of humour, but its all gone wrong with people taking it way too seriously. As for recent, the episode is over 3 years old (aired 2005) so I think its a bit late to be pointing fingers. But I remember ginnas getting abuse when I were a lad at school so I don't think its anything new and far from recent. But hey, the angry mob need a focus.
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