Are you famous?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by higthepig, Nov 1, 2006.

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  1. You may all know this, but then i`m thick. If you type your RR name into google, you come up on Rum Ration, is nothing sacred? :roll:
  2. Shit hig i got 79,900,000 hits!Does that mean im famous?Cant see a RR link though.
  3. Well on the Google sweepstakes of fame, UA unsurprisingly has 191,000,000 hits, Hig currently has 2550 hits, Jenny_D has 6310, Nutty has an astonishing 7,010,000 hits, Rosie has a mere 14 hits, the PO Stoker has 418 hits, Andyman has 211,000, Janner has 4,970,000, Greenie has 992,000, Wompingwillow has 2980, the infamous NozzyNozzer has 2860, and Always_a_Civvy a mere 1190. Sam Dicosta has 16. I therefore duly declare UA the winner with Nutty in second place, Janner in third place and Rosie gets the wooden spoon.

    Not forgetting Dunkers...
  4. 642,000


    What do you mean this is helped by the Dairylea cheese company and the Dunkers Church (dunkers is not affiliated with the Church of Dunkers by the way).
  5. The Dunkers Church were the first Christian Church to oppose slavery, even before the Quakers and long before Bishop Wilberforce. Don't be ashamed Dunkers. Not everybody has a church named after them! :lol: There were also the New Dunkers (Church of God)... and then came Dunkin Donuts and spoiled all the fun!
  6. 545,000... i thought it would have been higher, what with the haidresser...
  7. Luck You,

    I only got 1220. However, the hits did include some strange body art sites 8O
  8. Am I famous?

    Yes! :twisted:

  9. 4,790,000 hits here. I r famus!
  10. How do you tell how may hits you have had...Doh!
  11. Right under the search box you'll see the number of results in a blue bar.
  12. No little blue bar on mine.....never mind...Id rather not know Im terrible with rejection.. :cry: :cry: !!
  13. It wont let me, sulk, Not famous at all, must be this bloody works server !!!!, going home to sulk now !!!!
  14. Shows I'm not the only sad git who can't spell wompingwillow right!
  15. Stop moaning WM, you're doing well young matelot.. you've scored 1,080,000 hits. :)
  16. Sorry mate but your score is but 56!
  17. AAC...Young matelot..Thanks am impressed...not a bad total however to clarify I dont ever moan..(well not in the context you are using :twisted: :twisted: )......I may put forward concerns about legitimate issues that may affect my well being...but never moan..!!
  18. OK Youngster, I'll let you off this time! :lol:
  19. Steeve you cant read! LOL!

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