Are you a Spoon Bender?


Article found in an old BBC Science Mag "Focus" Sep 2006

Write the numbers 1 to 6 on equal sized slips of paper - fold them equally and jumble them up in a bowl or something. Pick out the folded bits of paper (one at a time). The resulting sequence of random numbers will be the "Target Faces" for your single dice, which you must "will" to appear.
Starting with the first number (e.g. 5) - throw the dice ten times and see how many times you can "will" the number to come up.
Repeat this for the other five numbers and tot up the total number of accurate "hits" out of the sixty throws. If the total number exceeds 15, then the deviation from mere random landings of the dice on a number is Quote deemed scientifically statistically significant Unquote

If you do discover that you are in fact a Telekinetic freak of Nature - watch out for big black cars disgorging strange trenchcoated men talking into their wristwatches coming up your garden path.
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