Are you a Racist!!

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Achmed, Feb 18, 2008.

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  1. Due to my totally non PC approach to life, i treat every race with equal contempt. in the UK i would be classed as a "racist" I am not due to the fact i love shagging birds of any nationality, as of any military site we are by nature pi$$ taking Barstewards.

    Heres Achmeds list of Nationalities Shagged:

    Birds from Plymouth etc, etc
    Chinese, vely vely nice
    Indian (non stinky ones)
    No Paks yet!!

    There are still many, many nations of females left to get stuck up, I love them all :afro:

    What have you shagged that makes you a non racist:

    This thread is for humour only, if this has offended you then :toilet:
  2. Knowing your location......stark absence of locals!!
  3. Yes trooped, you just cant walk into a bar and pick them up!! I am still trying to find that "Secret location" where they all hang out gagging for it from western Guys, you up for a beer on thursday?
  4. Want to say yes....but 21st is niggling me....need to talk to CICNNAGHOME to find out why.....
  5. Achmed
    Surely your dick must of dropped off by now !.
  6. Not yet, my foreskin's gets like a ripped sock from time to time.....still its beats collecting post cards from around the globe :sign12:
  7. remember that 90% women kiss with their eyes closed.................thus, making it hard for them to ID the rapist :afro:

    OK, bad joke!
  8. Thank god for that Jenny, besides the difference between consentual sex and rape is salesmanship...........Achmed sells sand to Arabs :batman:
  9. Oh i almost forgot about the Half Turkish, Half Iraqi, she was very nice, a bit hairy mind, velvety minge hair soft and aromatic AHH....she tasted abit like turkish must have been the rose water she splashed on her snatch :hungry:
  10. Would have fcuked this Afganistan bloke I Knew but he stunk of B.O and that racist?
  11. No JD thts selective
  12. My question to the forum is:

    Has the government by insisting on allowing racial organisations such as the black police federation, the Muslim council of Britain (completely unelected) and introducing other legislation pushed those who were not racist in the first place to being labelled as racists now?
  13. simple answer is NO.
    colour does not the person make,,, any one can be a twot in life.
  14. No Jennyyou are not a racist, i have about 400 Indians, Paks, Afgans, baluchistanis Etc Etc working for me, they all stink of BO and Curry its a fact you can change it.
  15. Slim/josie, if i wanted to start a "serious" debate i would have started it in Current Affairs, this topic is a bit of fun dont get all PC und upset on other peoples behalves :afro:
  16. So the NF will be turning up on your doorstep, trying to promote their next candidate for PM :thumright:
  17. My dad is racist. He hates everybody equally!
  18. I have a pin badge on a jacket that's similar. I don't discriminate, I hate everyone
  19. As long as he has face fungus I'm not bothered. :biggrin:
  20. The NF would get a nasty message from me. Unfortunately though i like some of their ideas I abhor most of them

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