Are we grown up enough to be allowed to discuss Iran. here?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by UncleAlbert, Mar 25, 2007.

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  1. Did jack stray across the border …well it seems no one quite knows where the border is …both sides know where they would like it to be …
    Following a similar incident a couple of years ago it makes you wonder what they were doing there…but never mind as soon as Iran has had enough posturing and sabre rattling the prisoners of war will be flown home to Blighty to be confronted with a big yawn from the great unwashed …..most of whom sorry to say don’t even know that Iran & Iraq are different countries.
  2. Re: Are we grown up enough to be allowed to discuss Iran. he

    Perhaps getting a little close to locking time again?

    Thats the beauty of RR, all we have to do is start another thread!!
  3. why dont they just let the iranains know there's a v boat sat off their coast and we want our dudes back, erm, now(ish) before we start systematically takin out their cities?
  4. Re: Are we grown up enough to be allowed to discuss Iran. he

    Going to locked now!!
  5. Re: Are we grown up enough to be allowed to discuss Iran. he

    The thread doesn’t need to be locked….two clicks away on many other forums this whole question is being debated sensibly …it’s a shame that the moderators here have no confidence in us to do the same…
    most agree that the Iranians are just playing brinkmanship …perhaps they’re a bit miffed about the sanctions we have imposed.
    Although the sailors are being used as pawns I’m sure they’ll come to no harm whatsoever from this ordeal..
  6. i deffinatly think its about time we stopped pussy footin around iran tho.

    they've abducted our sailors a few times now, we're 95% sure they're funding the bad guys in iraq, they've openly threatened to destroy israel for petes sake!!!

    we showed no spine what so ever with hitler, and look what happened there!

    a few carefully placed TLAMS from the sundogers should put 'em back in line.

    other than that it might be an idea to give up on the middle east once and for all because that area of the world is blatently never going to be peacefull.
  7. Iranians are not a bunch of mugs like the Iraqis you know. They will ensure nothing happens to the Brits in there care however I am sure they will ''milk'' it for all its worth. It would take a hell of a lot more than a few TLAMS to put them back in line as well.

  8. Indeed it would, but there's is no point in walking about with a 'big stick' when you've made it clear to the beturbanned ones that you are never going to use it. That just sets you up for a fall.

    They didn't try this stunt with the Yanks because they know perfectly well we'd all be sitting watching the fireworks over Tehran on CNN now if they did.
  9. The big stick as you put it is just a mere twig at the moment.
  10. Maybe because Iran has the entire Persian Gulf enfiladed with Sunburns and Moskvits.
  11. To answer the original question - evidently not! I do not think Blair's statement (link above by Stirling) is at all helpful. If, as Sir Alan West suggests, there is more behind the initial Iranian action than the event in 2004, then they will have thought through the tertiary effects of what they are and will do. Possessing a velvet glove is fine but having no steel fist inside it makes it meaningless.
  12. Don't go thinking the Iranians will roll over and play dead as their neighbours did, there are 72 Million of 'em they still have a credible Army and Air Force and are as fiercely patriotic and proud of their nation as we are of ours (My Brother in Law is one, hates the Mullahs etc but loves his country.)
    As for RN/RM personnel and/or GPS equipment admitting any misdeeds, the waterway is disputed territory (it was one of the causes of the Iran- Iraq war in the 80's) so it's a 'game' of he said, she said and lots of sabre rattling at the moment.
    As far as the Hitler/ Nazi Germany appeasement issue goes wasn't it Churchill who said "Jaw, jaw is better than war, war." let the diplomats sort it out.
  13. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    I agree with you NZ

    The most homogenous country in the region. Population of 72 million of whom 50% are under 30 years old. They were suddenly invaded by Saddam [encouraged by the USA] and fought for 8 years in some of the worst territory on earth. They took a million casualties and multiple SCUD attacks on their cities and population centres. The Shat-al-Arab borderline was disputed by Iran before, during and after this war. Iranians are as patriotic and nationalistic as anyone, anywhere and have a sense of their own history that would shame most europeans..

    Even when the British and Americans were supplying Chemical and Biological Weapons to Saddam and enhancing his targeting capabilities by real-time sat. information the Iranians would not surrender. They have been under the cosh from the West before and have had years to dig-in and prepare for this. There is nothing much that the British can do apart from negotiate and this incident shows just how hollow the British force structure is. Too much of our defence budget is wasted on an utterly inflexible strategic nuclear posture and not enough invested on conventional forces.

  14. I am not too up to date with the ''nautical'' side of things in Iran/Iraq .However having spent a good few months on the Iraq/Iran border north of Basra I feel I may be able to add a little to this subject. The Iranian forces that I have seen have had very good kit , they are pretty well trained and are not shy when it comes to firing a few rounds at your 45's if you venture to close to there patch. Lets hope the boys will be realised soonest (as I am sure they will be) .
  15. I would agree there is very little in retaliation that would increase the likelyhood of our folk being returned unharmed. There is also the problem Iran is not a homgenous government, dear old dinnerjacket is not wholly master of all he surveys and has to watch his back at all times, and equally it is not clear that the government itself actually has our folks or is it one on the more independant revolutionary guard units. Some comentators have suggested the Ianian government at the moment has no more control over what is happening than we have.

    Whilst I am sure we should be doing some sabre rattling it must at the same time be the sort that will result in loss of authority for dinnerjacket if we have to use it not an action that would reinforce his authority.
  16. Re: Are we grown up enough to be allowed to discuss Iran. he

    Way back in 1973 at the G spot we had loads of Iranians there for training
    They were mostly fudge packers and walked aroung holding hands all day.
    Send them some sunshine bombs that will sort them out.
    Fecking pooftas
  17. Well a class post from you there hawkeye,bloody good effort.
  18. If nothing else, perhaps this incident will cause us thought on spending millions of pounds on a deterrent which does not deter and which clearly we are not going to use. The cost of our 'deterrent' precludes us from having sufficient conventional forces so perhaps the RN Coast Guard is the way forward. Then we look after our sacred island and don't risk our young men unnecessarily.

    I recall from my history lessons 'The War of Captain Jenkins' Ear'. Seems a lot less than fifteen lives to go to war for.

    Wishing a safe and speedy return for our sailors and marines.
  19. I do not kno whether to love or hate the Torygraph today:

    Hate, because of:

    or love, because of:

    which ends with a sentence par excellence "We wait anxiously to see whether this weakened and discredited Prime Minister has the necessary spine to do what is required, or whether Britain will persist in presenting its weakest aspect to a potential enemy."

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