Are we falling for the great green con?

You should come out here mate, makes the Septics look like the wrote the Kyoto agreement!!

You are nobody unless your car has at least 5 litres and goes at least 250km between fills.

One of my work mates here has a XK, he professes that it's faster than most other things on the road, when I told him the one thing it couldn't pass was a gas station he took the huff!
sorry slim am about to steal your thread,,, (you can have it back tho..honest..)
Whilst looking at your link i see the part about camilia wearing the Queens diamonds,,, thats not what has caught my eye but more of the fact that altho i dislike the way things happened in the past,,, camilia does seem to suit Charles in age and phisicality and yes it is nice to see him happy.. yes we all make mistakes and we all deserve a second chance... juat wish it could have been less of a joke to the rest of the world.........

there you go Slim as promised your thread back... altho slightly used

(p.s i for one greatly enjoy your threads as i refuse to read the news papers as they are always full of doom and gloom..keep on posting lad)
Biggest con I've come across is the bloody Daily Wail pretending to be a newspaper - and all the dopes who read it pretending to have brains.

Oops better shut my cake hole (or the finger equivalent) or I'll be in for a de-bagging at the next run ashore ...


edited to correct spelling mistake - YES SOME OF US MAKE CORRECTIONS WHEN WE SEE THEM NOT LIKE THE LAZY NAMELESS THICKIES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(tee hee - rant over)
Seems quite a sensible piece; for the Mail. The great "green" con and its ability to ethically and responsibly empty peoples wallet has been obvious for years. Another piece of behavioural engineering. It was also good to see the old myth about plant a tree and save the Planet exposed to scrutiny. Trees are important to the climate and meteorology but not as carbon dioxide sinks.

As I see it, the plan is that people are made to feel ecologically irresponsible and selfish if they object to paying an alleged "green" tax. Does anyone really believe that the additional money extorted is actually spent on more "carbon efficient" means of energy use? Exploiting the same guilt or fear of persecution by more "responsible" people also helps to sell new kit and gimmicky services. It was so predictable that the green "fascists" would label the aeroplane as the great menace to life on Earth .
Green aeroplanes? An oxymoron, surely. Not according to Boeing, whose new 787 Dreamliner was unveiled to such fanfare a few days ago. It's got plastic wings and fuel-efficient engines - and, according to the company, will produce 20 per cent less CO2 per passenger mile.
OK, the Boeing claim is probably biased towards optimism and selective physics but is at least based on pragmatism. Interestingly, building more aeroplanes from carbon fibre would be a great way of permanently removing carbon from the atmosphere; so long as we don't burn them. Nature did it by creating oil and gas; the stuff we are burning back into the cycle now. More importantly, Nature made limestone from the shells and, latterly, bones of countless millions of animals. Limestone near permanently removes CO2 from the atmosphere so, if we can't make limestone (how about massive snail and shellfish farms?), we could always be really responsible and build everything out of carbon fibre.
I agree there is certainly a 'Green Con' going on. Yes they are trying to get us to volunteer for green taxes as a way of getting more cash out of us willingly. As for the rest often they are trying to get us to do the right thing for the wrong reasons. Much recycling for example is just plain common sense. For example where I live they wil have to open a new open cast mine if we don't slow down our land fill requirements. Composting garden waste either by the local authority or at home clearly is a good idea, as id recycling paper good. In one place I lived they never stopped recycling paper after the war and when I lived there they used the cash generated to keep the rates down. I don't drive to work, the bus pass helps but if I didn't have it I would have to seriously look at the economics of using the car, and I think it probably works out in favour of the bus now, and it is a lot more relaxing. Now I don't know whether clobal warming as a man made thing is real or not, my son who is a university lecturer in these things is not sure either, but on the other hand if not burning carbon based fuels save me cash I am all for it, and in many ways it is becoming easier to save by being less carbon intensive. After all the oil is going to run out and become more expensive on the way to oblivion so developing the alternatives now is a good idea. The two lagest populations in the world are on the march now and just think of the demand for raw materials that 1 billion Indians will generate when they all want 2 cars a 3 bed semi and Macdonalds on every street corner, it is a scary thought, global warming or not.
Passed-over_Loggie said:
Maxi Macdonalds would never get a street corner in India! The Indians will have already taken them all over.
But any self respecting Indian will do a deal for real money, something that MacDonalds always seem to have.

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