Are we entitled - how do we get it?

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Gonetothedarkside, Sep 12, 2008.

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  1. Because I have not had enough Coffee yet I have fat fingers! I should point out that I am a regular not RNR.

    The Army lads I work with have been claiming this: Concessionary Travel for Immediate Families of Service Personnel on Operational Tourswhilst we are in the Sandpit. When I mentioned it to the other Matelots out here they have never been told about it, having read the appropriate JSP (and stayed awake) I can see no reason why we would not be entitled but can find no way of claiming it etc - when I asked the 'clerk' (RAF) in the J1 office here they just said get your other half to pop into the Pay Office. I suspect if I ask my good lady wife to pop into the UPO at Nelson and ask how she claims this she will just be F*ck*d off as no one seems to know anything about it.

    Any Scribes or others able to shed any light on this?

    Fat Fingers - Should Probably have put this in another Forum as I am a regular - Mod Can you move it to where you think it should be please.
  2. Not knowing your personal circumstances (what allowances you are currently in receipt of for example) I can't give a definitive answer, but the reference you want is JSP 752 04.1139. Quote it to the UPO.
  3. Here is the text of JSP752 04.1139

    04.1139. Concessionary Travel for Immediate Families. Concessionary
    Travel for Families (CTF) is provided to enable the immediate families of Service personnel to have the benefit of the support of their close relatives, during extended periods of deployment by their Service spouse or civil partner. Eligibility for CTF is created when an Acc Service person is deployed from the UK or from an overseas station on overseas operations, exercises or deployments that attract the Operational Welfare Package (OWP). This excludes those in Seagoing Longer Separation
    Allowance Qualifying Units who are entitled to use transferred Get You Home (Seagoers) warrants (see Chapter 5 Section 4). All Service personnel are eligible for CTF; for Reserve personnel however, this is unlikely to extend beyond Full Time Reserve Service (Full Commitment) and mobilised personnel, except in DILFOR and compassionate circumstances. Details of CTF entitlements are in the Operational
    Welfare Support Policies Compendium, Part 1, Annex M. The assessment of CTF entitlement from the permanent duty station in UK or overseas is to be made at unit level at the start of the deployment. The assessment is to be based on the Service person’s expected duration of deployment. This will be known as the “expected entitlement†and the accompanying Service spouse/civil partner should be notified with a warning that any change in the duration of the Service person’s deployment could
    lead to an entitlement change. Operations, exercises or deployments under this paragraph exclude residential tours in NI.

    Apparantly all of the UPO and water front manning offices have been informed about this a will issue warrants to families form your allowance.

    Hope this helps you out. keep up the good work


    Neil -Supermario


    PS for the families: - the details on this can be found on the RN community website - - in the section marked Pay/allowances/pensions
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