Are we at war with Iran?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by SILVER_FOX, May 22, 2007.

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  1. I've been worried. There are some who think that Dubya invaded Iraq simply to provide a base for the invasion of Iran.

    However, i'd think that if you'd want to stamp out where the terrorists are, you'd go to syria, not Iraq.
  2. Any MORE Military action by this Country would be a major mistake.
  3. ... and why would making mistakes worry those who make these kind of decisions? It hasn't to date.

  4. We should make sure that we are not suckered into yet another war by lies told to us by our political representatives.

  5. Saudi Arabia…
  6. Surely he's just covering his bases by saying that ?
  7. I see vaguely what he is saying, Never Say Never, how are we supposed to know what Iran will do next?

    Iran should perhaps be left to the UN to resolve peacefully, however, the current government in Iran seems to be getting increasingly unpopular with the middle classes of Iran, if things carry on as they are, a much more moderate government should eventually take power. Without need for anyone to go to war, and without us hacking off the remainder of the Middle-East that does not already hate us.

    However at the same time, Iran getting the bomb would be exceptionally dangerous, as many of the Sunni Arab countries would in-turn want a Sunni Bomb to counter Iran's Shia bomb, with the Arabic world being comparatively instable surely we would do much better to make it a Nuclear Weapon-Free Zone.
  8. Weve no bases left.
  9. US has some left... and now we have a whole slew of them in Iraq now. Would be a simple matter to give them an Action order to proceed east into Iran and take the capital; following the order would be a cast-iron bitch though
  10. Fair one, certainly made interesting viewing watching BBC Parliament several weeks ago. The 3 top dogs of the armed forces said that they HAVE NOT got the man power to do any more work! More so because they are so badly under manned. They said if we went to war with another country (as well as having our men and women out fighting where they are now) or we were invaded there is NOTHING that they could do, absolutely NOTHING! Scarey eh! Considering that all of our protection is actually overseas!

    If they re-introduced National Service i think that, that would answer many questions and sort out a lot of problems, both in civvy street and armed forces wise. But i wont go on about that now as i think thatll be worth having a thread up on its own just for that!
  11. And the bodies would pile up higher.
  12. Potential Officer said "Iran should perhaps be left to the UN to resolve peacefully".

    There is a huge misconception out there that suggests that the UN are actually capable of solving anything. Perhaps once upon a time; now they can't even solve their budget problems, let alone world peace issues.

  13. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    I think the public will want a little more proof this time around, maybe we could listen to the children, some of them seem to have had the gift of foresight, last time around. I particularly like Roxannes' thoughts:

    "I think it is a silly thing to have a war. It is like history."
    Roxanne, 8, Banbridge
  14. Touche

    Accepted, but the Coalition of the Willing got us nowhere, perhaps NATO is the way forward, Afghanistan was a fair one, and if I remember correctly it was NATO that stopped the Balkans genocide, because the UN would do nothing. But would that require an increase in the geographical mandate of NATO? Mind thats onto a whole new thread about NATO's role in a post-Cold War world.

  15. Invading Iran would be one of the worst military decisions in history. They have a large and relatively well equipped armed forces that have shown themselves to be tough and resourceful fighters, and the terrain in Iran is perfect for defence… mountainous, very mountainous.
  16. Oh i definitely agree slick...

    i was trying to point out that its easy to write an order to do something and carrying that order out can be vastly more difficult.

  17. Point taken and noted but although the thinking part of the US Military knows the size and strength of the nut they would have to crack, I worry that many of the gentlemen in business suits think it would be GW1 all over again.
  18. Fair enough, but something someone said once rings true:

    "Old men do the sending, young men do the dying"
  19. Yes Potential Officer. Lets not talk about NATO because I've got bucket loads I could spout from personal experience of their particular brand of effectiveness.

    But you are correct. The current government in Iran is not as popular as it would like everyone to think. Whether a more moderate group will ever be able to take up the reins is another question. There has always been the issue of the silent majorities of the world standing by and allowing the loud, and oft violent minority, take over. This doesn't just apply to Iran.


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