Are we a corrupting influence?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Rumrat, Oct 26, 2012.

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  1. As we debate the intricacies of such important subjects as Sexual deviancy and whether snot follows a definable trajectory when you sneeze, I oft times wonder of its effect on History.
    Well no I don't that's a lie, what I do wonder is how much nearer to home our deliberations fall.
    For instance, does "Sol" or any other nice person ( members wives) ever gaze upon our collective reminiscences and think "oh my god what animals", or do they think "gosh is that actually possible if legal, or even Discovered".
    I once left the near instrument of my downfall (the puter) switched on and logged in to RR.
    Luckily I had not made any contribution to the particular thread I was in and the War Office had not mastered the art of thread swap. Thank Fuck.
    She didn't exactly flip, but the wild stare and trembling hand were enough to suggest she was not enhanced of the little gem she had just read by the classic and sadly missed Ron Jeremy.
    When she asked me if I found amusement in the thread I of course denied any and tried to explain RJ was registered as alexithymic.
    You sad easily pleased cretin still resonates in my head and I still feel the urge to switch channels every time she enters the room whether I'm up to owt or not.
  2. At least your lucky in that your other half at least has an inkling of the mind workings of the average matelot ... mine has never had been introduced to that side of my life ... I was outside long before we met and even though she has accompanied me to occasional delights such as RNA Traf night dinners - complete with dribbling old farts ... to be honest they are not quite the same as a full blown 3 line whip mess functions ... she's never had to deal with me sailing off on the briney only to appear again all tanned 6 + months later (sundodgers take note!). We had a holiday with two couples of our aquaintance a while back, one of which were both retired RN and quite soon we had relapsed into JackSpeak and "er indoors" commented that she hadn't a clue what we were talking about as it was like a foreign language. Unless they have been involved in the military its quite difficult to explain what the hell goes on. Its a whole different set of values. The ability to take the piss and laugh about anything / everything when someones throwing rocks/bombs etc at you must beyond the ken of anyone "normal" and even glancing on an open thread on RR they find it very difficult to comprehend. Jack just has a different sense of humour than anyone else ... he's a different animal!
  3. Intellectually I would ask "six months? when did you join I did a two year one" and on a much more trivial ney Jack retort level,
    "Who you calling an animal fuck features"?;-)
  4. Whilst the wife is sat on the sofa, feet curled up under her thighs, reading *TAKE A BREAK* - which publishes
    such classic stories as: "My boyfriend plunged my head into a deep fat fryer", "I sneezed and my womb fell out"
    "Our pet cat was nailed to the front door by neighbours-from-hell", "I've spent £50,000 on plastic surgery and
    I still look like a bag of shit" etc - it would seem that Rum-Ration is way, way behind in corrupting or even
    mildly upsetting anyone, seeing as most of the stuff we bang on about is generally a load of bollocks, or things
    that have happened in the dark and distant past, with no harm actually befalling anyone. Yes - we all may have
    a point were something becomes a tad annoying, but we simply move along and think of something else.
    100% die-hard, never-having served civilians might well find what we do somewhat bizarre....but that's what
    makes us all buddies in boats. All skimmers are bastards.
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  5. You dare cast aspersions on the legitimacy of skimmers, how dare you.
    Why I knew hundreds,..well loads,..a few.. ok so you got a point but you can shove it up your arse anyway I going ashore in a few mins, there is an exotic little haven around the corner called Morrison's and I've got a voucher so fuck you and the horse you came to town on.
  6. Yes I'm fine and in extremely good health thanks. Oh! I'm on Nights tomorrow and the soddin' clocks
    go in reverse which turns 14 hours into fuckin' 15. Morrisons sell really nice fish.

  7. Well I ain't OK Sol has just told me the size of the RN.
    In my copy of Jane's fighting fuck pigs I counted over 300 ships without anything without a gun.
    I have always loved Russians and Chinese I would like to say. (Never know who's looking)
    I think Capitalism stinks, sorry about the boxer rebellion and the Crimea, they were Wrecker sharky and Sumo's relatives not mine I am very positively Australian and these war mongering colonialist pommy bastards deserve whatever your honors.
    Fuck sake they sent me to Australia like a common thief.
    OK so I was but it just shows how vindictive they are.
  8. ??? Steve,

    Given the frequency, variety and content of your 'output' I had you and your OH both slaving away flat-out watch-and-watch about on a whole bank of PCs to keep the several furnaces of this site fuelled up.

    Even allowing for your uncertified absences (SOS, AOD, AOL, AWOL, etc etc ) however else can you account for your 9k thread count??

    PS Most disappointed to hear that you returned from NY NY without any dits to enlarge upon :roll: One must therefore assume that you're flagging in your dotage...
  9. Does BOOTWU call you Steve cos a) he doesnt swear b) hes not racist c) you're engaged
  10. None,

    'tis just short for his real name: Stephanie.
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  11. My war office is tunnel tuned to Gardening Bob and sewing. She indulges in criminal activity with a name that goes with Somalia but hers is confined to films.
    She does not show the least interest in RR as she has grown up despite me.
    New York, oh yes I have a few dits to spin but was saving them for later as it seems crass to brag about ones holidays.
    I spent a couple of hours winding an ex crab up there as I did when we ventured to East Anglia immediately upon return.
    This is what happens when the lower classes get their hands on money, they venture into strange parts and enrage and incite the locals.
  12. Fixed that for you Algernon.
  13. Went into an eatery in times square and ordered a beef sarnie, the fking thing still had a pulse, the plate was awash with blood half of which had been soaked up by the bread turning it pink, I recon the rest of the cow was out back munching grass, good run though.
  14. Would you like to step into the Ambulance nice and peaceful like or are you gunna fight?
  15. Ah America the land of the free and all men are equal.
    Just off times square there's a geezer shouting to a load of Mexicans, that if they sat down again between now and sunset he'd stop their pay for the day and horse whip their butts. It was 2pm.
    Lazy good for nothing slime ball greasers.
    All this whilst sitting watching TV on his little notepad/shrunk computer thingamajig.
  16. Listen Dog Breath ... you are correct ... when I was in I did an 18 month Married Unaccompanied (somewhere nice and hot with hot and cold running septic females (which in some cases could be arguable - the fact of whether they were female that is) ... oh and donkeys .. mustn't forget the donkeys ... who is some cases were better looking than the Septic females!) ... and a couple of long deployments in excess of a year although I never got hit with a 2 year away deployment ... however I must have really pissed of Drafty as he sent me on a 2.5 year Married Accompanied in Gib as well. I was merely referring to the fact that listening to current posters who are still in, deployments these days sound as if they are in stints of 6 months or shorter!
  17. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Are we an influence? Interesting. I have met the following callsigns from this site;


    Let me tell you this. We're fucked if any of these people have influence as they're all mad as fuck, except for Sol who is lovely and i adore her.
  18. This is extremely good news knowing you are as old a twat as I thought.
    However I now have the problem of sending achmed or mustapha after you as you insulted the donkeys.
    His bus pass runs out today so could you wait until next tuesday when he gets his pension.
  19. Bollox, I'm the only mad fucker on this site.

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