Are they really that stupid?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Oct 5, 2010.

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  1. Well I am gobsmacked, I would have thought the forum would be sinking under the weight of posts about the Tories utter balls up over child benefit but after a short period of reflection I realised that many here have a love affair with the ‘Blue rinse brigade’ and to give them a taste of the stick would be perfidious.

    I mean have you ever heard of such an ill thought out irrational plan? Households where one person earns more than £44,000 will have the child benefit payments withdrawn, but families with two parents each earning £43,000 will still be able to claim it. The mind boggles at the ineptitude of these jesters. Then later this afternoon they announce that there will be a tax cut of married couples in 2015 and have the temerity to say it is nothing to do with the child benefit howler. If they can make a complete arse of something so relatively simple may your god help you when it comes to the defence of the realm?
  2. Hate to admit it Finx... but you're right.... complete balls up.....
    Hasn't been thought through at all.
    An agregate of incomes, a sliding scale.... options missed.
    What a 'disappointment' ( Toryspeak) :roll:
  3. unfortunately there is a lack of common sense and foresight in many of this Govt's decisions and plans. Unfortunate thought also Unsuprising.

    Id say more on the various political gaffes posted in the forums but I cant be arrsed with the inevitable 'well under labour it was worse....etc etc' comebacks
  4. Pictorially summed up by 'Klaus the Krapping Krout... well done, Scouse.
  5. Reluctant as I am to p**s on anyones chips but it's a Party Conference. It's where they discuss proposals for future policy; goofers welcome. It's open democracy in action. If Conference is sufficiently p**sed off with the proposals, the Leadership will soon know.
  6. I've long believed that Government policy is made 'on the hoof' by out of touch individuals in the bar. I think it goes along the lines of "Here's a thought. I know I've had a few brandies/beers/babychams (delete according to political party) Why don't we just . . . etc".

    Personally I think the whole system of benefits, allowances etc needs to be binned and built up again from scratch based on actual needs such as childcare, genuine disability etc and the ability and willingness to work definitely needs to be taken into account.
  7. Dont see a problem myself, the barstewards are earning more than me, I manage, they dont need it. Greedy breeders :evil:
  8. I'm allright Jack ..... fcuk you..... we'll keep the red flag flying 'yer
  9. Wrong!! just like playing devils advocate :twisted: You bit.
  10. I was about to ask you what you meant, ... but I can't be arsed !
  11. my outrage hull valve is shut until the sdsr is released. personally i can sort of see the logic behind the child benefit cut even if has been applied unfairly.
  12. £44k is not a bad wedge even for 3.
  13. What jobs with there policies theres going to be even less work !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. £44k is not a bad wedge even for 3.
    I agree in there reckoning at that they will lose family allowwence but if 3 as you put it have 80.000(forty each)they dont lose it
  15. Im sure for a small renumeration agood accountant could loose the excess.
  16. I think Osborne should have stuck to the family wallpaper business, can't do too much damage there I would have thought.
  17. It's not a love affair with the blues, it's a hatred of the stupid fucking ******* in red who got us into this mess.

    I'm all for cutting it, I would scrap the sodding lot and give them the average weekly wage of around £300 and they pay their own rent and council tax the same as the people who work to support their families.
    Scrap benefits all together except for pensioners.
  18. Calm down, calm down 8O I did not realise bankers dressed in red, always thought it was dark pin stripe and bowler.

    I would not like to be disabled if you were in power.

  19. Wouldn't be too keen on it myself either, I'm one of them bastards who lived off it for two years. 8O :twisted:
  20. Really I do agree that it is perhaps not as essential to 'high' earners, but it seems strange that they take parents income as a singular when calculating how much families will receive- unless I have misunderstood of course!


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