Are they really dead?

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Jenny_Dabber, Aug 24, 2007.

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  1. I was watching a program last night about famous people and their deaths etc

    So, being bored and unable to move anywhere as much, I decided to have a skeg online. Now, some of you, maybe not a lot of you, would have heard of a US rapper in the 90's called 2Pac?

    In 1996, he was shot and killed at a Mike Tyson fight, his but not alot of people actually saw this, the autopsy picture doesn't show his face and then the gossip starts.

    People start going on about his song lyrics, he'd rap about his forth coming death and such, it's also a bit funny how his so-called enemies start dying after 2pac's death. Anyhow, this is what fans and writters and such are saying. I came across this website with some interesting theories.

    Then we have the famous Elvis theories and such.

    Now, after me rambling on as much, what theories do you have on Elvis, 2pac or any other famous person that seemed to have been 'seen' around since their death?
  2. Tupac, elivs, Lord Lucan, princes Di and me all do the quiz at weatherspoons on a monday if you fancy popping along
  3. Personally, I think that you always going to get the fruitcakes that claim to have seen whoever. They are dead.
    But even if they aren't, who honestly gives a shoit? They weren't War Criminals on the run, they were mediocre 'Artists' who's careers were coming to a close and if people are stupid enough to buy, for instance, yet another compilation CD of Elvis songs they already have on six other CD's but they bought this one because its the 30th anniversary blah blah etc then it really is their own fault, isn't it!
  4. I have a theory that Robert Maxwell's not dead, and is on an island in the Philipines with some pension money. It's probably bollocks though.
  5. I personally loved Chris Rock's take on Biggy Smalls and 2Pac Shakur's assassinations:

    "Everybody's saying how it's so sad that Biggy and 2Pac got assassinated. Man, Martin Luther King got assassinated. Malcolm X got assassinated. These two niggas just got their asses shot."
  6. What the Hell - Ladyboy or Ladywhale ???? :pukel: :pukel: :pukel: :pukel:
  7. Me and Jimmy and Janice and James along with Jack and John and oh yeah Elvis and a few other friends had a real hoedown just the other night, and then Elvis left the building... :afro:

    When Ted Williams frozen head speaks, then I will understand... :thumright:
  8. I hope you don't expect to win the quiz wth that bunch of dullards. This could be a great thread though, Dead celebrities who people think are still alive fantasy pub quiz teams.
    my nominations are
    Jimmy Hoffa
    Jim Morrison
    Mick Hucknall(I know he's not dead, but I like to hope)
  9. Mick Hucknall - dead from the neck up ?
  10. what about Bruce Lee.............
    there have been many thoughts about his death............
    now i would realy have liked him to have not been dead......... Oh well least I have Jackie Chan to drool over..(mmmmmmmmmmmmmm)
  11. I think what set it of was a guy called Makaveli, he was a US rapper, who faked his own death but reappeared 7yrs later, fit and healthy.

    Now, I think they are all on some exotic beach in tasmania, sipping cocktails and watching repeats of friends!
  12. Talking to Adolf at the reunion last week, he blames the present state of society on the chavs and says they should be made to get jobs and start wearing suits.
  13. Don't suppose Stalin was there to?
  14. Nearly got trampled on the beach the other day, Ignorant twat Lord Lucan on his horse Shergar, should be in the fields not on the beach. :w00t:
  15. Sadly no,on leave and draft.Something about starting a new cold war.
  16. And invading a new list?
  17. Possibly,you never the devious mind of a Russian.
    Mussolini was hanging around as well.
  18. Prove it! :biggrin:
  19. No that is a lie Wompers cos I know personally that Lady Di. live with Elvis Presley above a Chippie in Minsk, protected by the NKVD who are saving them to be produced to the worlds press if the Motherland ever gets deep in the poop.

    |Anytrhing else is just a conspiricy theory.

  20. The Man Who Never Was,Always a good run ashore.

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