Are they on drugs ?


While searching for something else, I found this gem on a Greek website:
Considered the greatest soldiers in the world, the Hellenic ARMY has the most elite professional soldiers. From Paratroopers to Infantry, we are truly blessed that God is with our forces.

Jussus ! I've met a fair number of these clowns and professionally they compare unfavourably to UNITA or even PIRA !

Has anyone else found similar hallucinogen-fuelled claims by third rate forces ?

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Fark me, the Greek Army is one thing but the Cypriot army. They all look like a bunch of 15 yr olds, scrany and ewk!
whitemouse said:
They do look nice in their tutus with sweet little pompons on their shoes though.. :wink:

I remeber seeing them in those... and their white tights when I was a drawf in the late 60s in Athens. I thought they were women! :oops: :lol: