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Are they any wem's left ?


Lantern Swinger
As I left the mob 10 years ago in phase 3 of the redundancies after the russians gave up with no visible career struture or promotion prospects as om's were introduced and the branch wasn't open to killicks i was wondering if there were any wem JR's left in fact are there any wems left at all. my sister who is still in hasn't seen one for over 5 years (but she is a Scablifter) so i was wondering if they were extinct . if this is the case will the bbc commision a series titled The Life of WEM's?
There's an old looking LWEM(R) in NELSON who I see a lot walking round looking scruffy, so they can't be completely extinct.
Perhaps those left should be reclassified as an endangered species and we should apply for a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) to be erected around ships like Nelson?


War Hero
I think you'll find that most of those who still remain in the RN are in hibernation. WE's always did like their Zed's!


War Hero
I know for a FACT (Big nods here) that there were some LWEM's on Type 22's exactly 2 years ago at least because I was out on the pop with them quite regularly. Either that or I got completly shiters and was out on my own with my imaginery oppos :oops:
Must be a full swing from hot bunking --heheh!! and the sale of surplus camp beds must be flooding the market then.

Spare bunks-- fcuking 'ell!!

Deleted 7

the_matelot said:
I know for a FACT (Big nods here) that there were some LWEM's on Type 22's exactly 2 years ago at least because I was out on the pop with them quite regularly. Either that or I got completly shiters and was out on my own with my imaginery oppos :oops:

There was, 1 or 2 on the Campbeltown


When I left the Cardiff all WEM's, JR's & SR's were scattered to the four winds to carry on the great work and to keep the force alive. After pledging never to cross to the dark side (TIFF) we will always be there for the good of the fleet....... Who else can do internal comms on a 42???


Lantern Swinger
Nice to see someone iss keeping the branch badge in its original form rather than making it look like an opticians eye chart. Regretably there cant be many left or many years in which you guys left have left to serve. I agree beware the dark side do you still have to have your sense of humour surigally removed at collinggrad when starting mechs course ?


Lantern Swinger
Infernal comms never worked on the mighty manch after logan left and the cardiffs were updated when i was on there in the mid 90's with a 1940's switchboard
flatbackpinky said:
Infernal comms never worked on the mighty manch after logan left and the cardiffs were updated when i was on there in the mid 90's with a 1940's switchboard

1940s switchboards in my experience were much more reliable than their modern equivalents stuffed with ultra sensitive and over delicate integrated circuits (which the RN were charged far to much for by the contractors - that financial black hole - but that's public service procurement for you) I must admit though, I did hate those old bakelite headsets with the metal headrest on top that seemed intentionally designed to scalp you!


The WEM's will forever fight the war against infernal cooms until the last man leaves the Jedi council. The new telex's aren't that bad you just can't give your HOD a midnight Death phone call as he now has caller ID.


Lantern Swinger
Surely in the branch with such a reputation for rabbits and mods the caller ID on the HODs phone can be defeated or fooled into giving false information say for example giving a caller ID of 201 (if numbers are still the same)
Worst thing about being infernal comms was arseing around on the jetty getting the shore phones connected when everyone else is going ashore.
Still you always had the option to fcuk up the phones or main broadcast prior to an unwanted clear lower deck...


Lantern Swinger
There's plenty of S/R WEMs around still, and my last 42 (4 Days ago) had a couple of LWEMS and and a WEM(R)1 although, he's a 2 star but just can't run fast enough to be a killick

Internal comms has it's advantages, when I was the section killick "Internal comms maintainer SCC or Bridge" would often be piped 5 minutes before I had to attend compulsory boarding party circuit training while out the Gulf. I'd let the PT start then put back the fuses for machinery broadcast, conning or something similar.

Looks like I'll be going full circle, originally a WEM(R), now a OM(C) shortly to become CIS which will likely become a part of the WE department
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