Are the Navy's apprenticeship schemes oversubscribed?

I applied to the Navy, and I'm currently getting through the medical tests stage, just had my triage nurse call, now waiting for my medical interview to be booked. I am wondering if the accelerated apprentice scheme for Air Engineering is oversubscribed, or whether there's a waiting time?
Also, my AFCO thought I needed a Level 2 Aeronautical Engineering Diploma as well as A-Levels, but it doesn't say that on the website, if you know, is that correct?


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The Accelerated Apprentice scheme is undersubscribed. It is worth asking the specialist recruiting team whether STEM subjects are accepted in lieu of the Aeronautical Engineering qualification.

Qualifications required are NQF Level 3 BTEC Diploma or Level 3 OCR Diploma (min grade 'Merit') in Aeronautical Engineering AND NQF Level 2 Quals in English, Science and Maths (all grade A*-C or equivalent).