Are sub stations guarded?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Permissionopenmuzzledoor, Jul 24, 2007.

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  1. No,they are not.A major Gas installation on the North Norfolk Coast however does have some serious Security there,but no Military.
  2. No. My father worked as an electrical engineer for the electricity board for many years and has mentioned before that a terrorist could cause a huge uproar even just by damaging a neighbourhood-level substation (you will be able to find one of these within walking distance of your home). It would cause enormous hassle because they take several months to manufacture (hence, several months without grid electricity) and they are no longer made in the UK, which of course adds to the delay.

    One of the last factories which makes electrical transformers (the substation equipment) was ABB's plant in Dundee which closed 5 years ago. I don't think there is anywhere else left.
  3. Well it will be a matter of time then for such soft
  4. I am suprised that they havent been used already.So far these Suicide bombers and terrorists have shown a very poor imagination regarding targets!
  5. Or have they? Maybe it could be said their aim is more to physically harm large masses of people rather than cause them inconvenience?
  6. Since firearms aren't legal for our civilian security companies I'm guessing all they have is CCTV, high fences and gates, flash lights and the occasional dog. Not exactly ideally suited to warding off those who are determined to do mischief.

  7. IRA Had a couple of goes, but the system just changed over to alternative route, they are not fool proof but you've got to hit a lot all at once, that is what has happened with the floods, 4 out of 6 were outed, so the remaining ones had to be secured.
  8. If no electric however then I would presume then alot of command and communication would go down as well.........but that takes organisation, skill, planning, oh yes and sanity.
  9. But if you hit a local one then there's maybe a thousand houses without power with no alternative. Bit of a bugger that.
  10. I am sure that there are a lot of Targets they could use but havent.I can think of quite a few but wont post them.LOL
  11. Lets face it. There are lots of things they could do but thankfully do not through a combination of lack of interest, impact and the teams of people out there working for the system to keep us safe in our beds. We never get to hear about all the good work these people do, only the stuff they miss.

  12. Yes well said, it would be impractical i suppose to guard every soft target, and the men in black definatly get my thanks
  13. I'm sure that others would disagree but there ought to be more of them.

  14. No, Leccy stations are not "guarded". However all Gas sites in the UK are now guarded by the MOD police, so if any terrorist tries to have a go they'll feel the rash of an MP7.

    This is now an indefinite operation.
  15. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Dunkers is right. The principal aim of the current Islamic terrorists seems to be strictly mass murder rather than economic disruption although, as we saw with the Tube bombings, that can be a collateral.
  16. The Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure looks after physical, information and resource protection of the Critical Naitonal Infrastructure, which includes utilities, communications networks, financial networks etc.

    It's an element of the Security Service and brings together people from a number of different areas.

    They're responsible for risk assessment and operational direction of physical protection as required.

    Can't say for sure but they're probably very closely associated with the Joint Terrorism Assessment Centre in terms of determining the terrorist threat.

    As already noted the current crop of terrorists are looking to generate a psychological effect on the populace, rather than the military effect that the majority of us would think about. They do that by causing loss of life, rather than loss of resource. In fact I'd say that causing utility failure would be counter-productive. The military effect of knocking out sub-stations would be minimal, particularly with the redundancy in the network, and attention would focus onto the ongoing rectification effort, rather than the message.
  17. Substations are usually gaurded by a couple of highly trained, special forces guys, disguised as vagrants, who smell of pee.

    I know, I asked one and he and his mate Walt told me that if I showed them my man bit they would tell me a secret.

    So there we have it.

    Oh by the way, any other ideas we want to give to some headcase loner who thinks OBL is his bezzie opps and how many virgins could he get 'cos he's never had a girl in his life and all the Islam stuff is great 'cos it gives him an excuse to live out his nutter fantasy?
  18. Because the South East area is believed to be sinking at a rate estimated to be 2mm per year, all these Islamic terrorists should get together in a oner, strap themeselves with explosives and jump off Beachy Head. Timed to detonate on impact the resultant explosion will be enough to accelerate the rate at which the South East is sinking, thereby drowning more Londoners in the resultant flooding. Or maybe just scaring loads of fish and shite hawks.

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