Are some people taking the RNR too seriously now

has all the fun left the RNR?

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Lantern Swinger
When i joined the RN & then the RNR, service life was suppost to be fun. :smile:

All it seems now is paperwork, more work and all the fun has gone :sad:

some people take the RNR too serious and think it is their No 1 calling in life!!! Get a life :twisted:

Is their any fun left or am i just getting too old

Call for the pipe and slippers now!!!

what do people think


Lantern Swinger
I've always believed in the work hard, play hard ethic. Perhaps it's because I'm knocking on, but the play hard aspect is getting tougher (and recovery time looonger!!!!)

Always more fun on detatched duty!!


Nothing wrong with being expected to work hard and be professional - in the past there have been some valid criticisms that there have been too many people in it for just a laugh and for the social life, with no interest in actually "doing the job". I am serving in the Navy as a part-time regular in my opinion, not as a "Really Not Required" weekend warrior. Wouldn't be here otherwise.

However, the fun bits are important motivators to join, and are vital for morale and therefore vital for retention, so whilst I applaude the upside of taking it more and more seriously, I am actually quite worried about the impact of the cutting of AT opportunities, decreasing emphasis on the social/fun side, etc. as I believe it is deleterious to the Service.

They are not opposites but complementors. I agree it's about working hard and playing hard. Funny how the best employers in the civvy world are increasingly realising that work/life balance is vital to employees. The RNR should be doing exactly the same thing...


I have never really got too much involved with the social side of the RNR as in, i have little time to spare and would prefer to spend it training than skiing, sailing, walking etc. However for those who can spare the time i can see that it really does improve moral throught the ships company.

I do however thoroughly enjoy the social aspect of the training weekends. I feel that i more down to the people i'm with than anything. We have such a laugh when we get together even while we are training that it makes it well worth while.
buster said:
it does seem to be getting less fun. maybe we should join the TA. :cry:
I raised that same question in this forum a few months ago, mainly out of badness. The TA seem to have a huge amount of MTD available, if I was in it for the money...
I am sorry? If you are not taking it seriously what the hell are you doing wearing the Queen's uniform and taking her money.

Sure it would be lovely to have unlimited fun things but that is sooo never going to happen again. However, just as a quick run through can I mention - in no particular order of importance or fun

Its a knockout
Sports competition at Eaglet
Richards Trophy
CLM at Tal y Bont
Bisley shooting
Sailing Competition at Excellent this summer
RN Skiing - if you want to pay for your travel

Am sure you can think of others ...
Great Topic, Captain Jack, I think you have got to the nub of a lot of RNR dissatisfaction, if we are part time RN we should not expect it to be fun, we should expect to be professional and should treat it as a job. However if that is the case the RN needs to train us propertly (and not say "that course is for RN only"), compensate us (part-time employees are entitled to pensions etc) and have a management system that can handle and deploy the workforce.

Now the RN doesn't want to do this as it will cost, at lot! If however we are an emergency reserve of casual employees then they need to do other things to retain our interest and Adventurous and Social activities are central to acheiving this.

What seems to be the situation is that the RN want the best of both worlds; kill the fun, expect us to be as useful as part time RN but not train or pay us accordingly. Net result will continue to be, experienced RNR leaving as soon as the initial novelty has worn off.


Lantern Swinger
Phil, the day the RN (full or part time) becomes a job, I go. If you want a job go and get one. Life in a Blue Suit is exactly that. A lifestyle (almost a vocation, if you like) not just a job. A job is something you do to get a little money. (Or not in the case of household jobs, thanks Dear!) I don't think any of us are in it for the money. I am not even in my Profession (Day Job) for the money. Though I admit it helps! Believe me it is possible to be Professional and have fun at the same time.
The great challenge for the command is to provide Operational Capability without making the RNR so lean/focused that all the fun goes out of it and retention/recruitment suffers.

At the moment I think the balance is just about right. Just.


Lantern Swinger
I firmly believe that the work has to be put in when required but have a good social after. I am now 54 and possibly in my last 12 months of serving in the RNR but it is as much fun now as when I joined the RN as a sprogg in 1969. You get out what you put in and I try to get in as much as I can. I will be gutted if they don't extend me again next Feb.
I wholeheartedly agree Deckhead_Inspector, my point was that too often the fun part is downplayed and I get lectured about how we need to take it more seriously.

The RN needs to decide what it is they want.


Lantern Swinger
Are people taking it too seriously? Well lets put it this way- word has reached me that at least one officer (and a tremendously unpopular one at that) in another well known unit is allegedly poncing round the unit with a swagger stick to show his importance in his unit admin role - despite not being qualified (IIRC you need to be a Gunnery Instructor). In my book anyone that buys themselves a swagger stick needs to be retired ASAP as they are clearly far too serious for their own good - but what do others think?


War Hero
Book Reviewer
Wind him up; send him bonkers in the nut - nick the stick, anonymously hold it to ransom and he'll crack or change his ways. If he doesn't, float test it... :evil:


Lantern Swinger
TF110 said:
Are people taking it too seriously? Well lets put it this way- word has reached me that at least one officer (and a tremendously unpopular one at that) in another well known unit is allegedly poncing round the unit with a swagger stick to show his importance in his unit admin role - despite not being qualified (IIRC you need to be a Gunnery Instructor). In my book anyone that buys themselves a swagger stick needs to be retired ASAP as they are clearly far too serious for their own good - but what do others think?
I think that situation is surely a whole lot of fun :grin:
He might be taking it too seriously but how could anyone else ?
Wish I had someone like that in my unit, would raise morale for at least one drill night (until he took the hints about the non-stop laughter & ditched the stick)


War Hero
I like nothing better than going training with the RNR alongside the RN and getting one of those dossers who try to push the RNR forward at every opportunity.

We had one the other week on a sweeper. This killick was telling us to do this, grab that, move this, fetch that. Everytime the RN heard him tell us to do something they told us to stand fast and they'd let us know when and even if it needed doing.

Those are the kind of people who can give the RNR a bad reputation.

I try to act as the lads/lasses on board act, without the complaining. If I'm asked to do something i do it. If i'm not sure how i ask them. I do not do things without being told. I volunteer to do things but i wait for instructions. If i think something needs doing i ask if it needs doing.
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