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Are ships getting uglier and is it Cherie Blairs fault?

Are RN warships getting uglier?

  • Yes but there are sound technical reasons for this

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  • Yes and it is a plot by Brown

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  • No

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imom1406 said:
dondon said:
Royaliggy said:
I think Cherie is worth a stab, just to be able to say you had shagged the PMs wife!. That alone turns me on. But then again im very deprived of any female attention!.

Rather shag Pauline Prescott just to piss 2 JAGS off :twisted: :evil:

I'll join you, trouble is when JP gets a to hear of a spit roast, he'll get the wrong idea and get hungry!!

Can I take the front end , as long as she actualy swallows it , bird in Newcastle came up and passed it back to me , Txxt , sorry if I've gone to far JD :roll:

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