Are ships getting uglier and is it Cherie Blairs fault?

Are RN warships getting uglier?

  • Yes but there are sound technical reasons for this

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  • Yes and it is a plot by Brown

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War Hero
Just a thought, having spent most of last week trying not to honk when I saw Largs Bay from the Gosport ferry - what do people think of the current ships coming into service? Have they all been beaten with the ugly stick from day 1 and is it another treasury plot to save money?

River class OPV, Type 45, Bay-class, the list goes on....

Is Gordon trying to save money by getting BAE & the other ship designers to model the ships on the Dear Leaders fragrant spouse, thereby saving money by not requiring ammo - one Medusa-like look and it's all over for the oppo?


War Hero
Yeah but there all no where near as fugly as Cherie Blair is!!!Tony needs a commendation to knob that munter!!!!!!
The Bay is an RFA, so I don't think she counts (she was designed to be a combat-car ferry from day 1!), I think the River Class OPVs are very sexy looking (much nicer than the Castles, who look out of shape) and the T45s are very impressive - clean lines and a fo'c'sle like a space ship.

But then again, I'd sleep with Cherie.... ;)


War Hero
you cant put them in the same boat Jenny!I mean who in their right mind would shag this?????????

It's a good point, Jenny. Compare the delectable Cherie to the typical inhabitant of Joannas


Mmmmmmmmmmm, Cherie.....
Need to do the tried and tested number of pints ratings

The old saying--never been to bed wiv an ugly woman yet--- but I've woken up with a few!! 8) 8) 8)


Book Reviewer
Jenny_Dabber said:
andym said:
geoffrey said:
But then again, I'd sleep with Cherie.... ;)
You are a very,very sick man!!!!!
Andy, how many lasses have you ended a night with from Jesters/Johanna's?
SBA -Lasses ??? 8O :lol:

Regarding Cherry, how many pints are we talking, I'd also like to nominatee The Becket as being a worthy contestant .
Just when it seemed like Rum Ration was starting to get really boring (like the endless car insurance and pension discussions in the RNR forum) a thread like this comes along and makes it all worthwhile again. There's comedy gold in them thar hills!

Deleted 7

Are you lot imaginary bonking these poor unfortunate looking ladies for sympathy or are you lot just plain ill??

Hang on there, you all have matelots, it figures now!!!!


War Hero
Wonder if Cherie's back end has a ramp the size of Largs Bays? Could you get a Mk 10 up there without scraping the sides.......

Hat, coat, taxi to the trick-cyclist........


I have done some right munters off union street, cherie looks great compared to some of them, mmmmmm the nights we used to play who can pull a............???????

Is a double bagger one for her and one for me in case hers falls off and she would go into shock seeing me.



andym said:
you cant put them in the same boat Jenny!I mean who in their right mind would shag this?????????

She always looks as if she's lost her frigging teeth ,wonder what her Chambers are like , and do you think she swallows ,
I myself prefer Anne Widdacombe , now there's a bonny lass if ever I saw one :roll: :roll: I could'nt go any where near the Becket
I don't know, I always thought Cherie had a certain sensitive vulnerability about her.
Having said that, I'd rather stick my d*ck in a hornets nest.

I always thought your ships were pretty good looking, myself. Except for the HMS Ocean, which looks like it was made out of Legos'. But form follows function, right?


War Hero
Yeah but BY they look all the same upside down,whereas Cherie.....................................................................

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