Are RMR really a better standard then Reg. Infantry?

Discussion in 'RMR' started by MMAgeek, Jan 23, 2008.

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  1. Found this the other day on a Royal Marines MOD website concerning the RMR:

    "On completion of the course we were trained to the equivalent level of an army trained soldier, but we knew that if we wanted to join the Royal Marines and earn our green berets, then we had a further 6 months of hard slog ahead of us. "

    to see in full go to www.royalmarines.mod.u...-jones.php

    Can this be really true? that a part time green lidded marine is at a better combat standard than say a full time infanteer from the Mercian Regiment??

    Its obvious that a full time RM is of a higher standard than line infantry due to their greater recruit training period and higher fitness levels, but surely a reservist who acheives his green beret still cannot be of a better standard that a normal infantry soldier, can he??

    thanks for your help and opinions
  2. Well the RMR Green Beret is the same shade of green as that of the regs and I would consider the Royal Marines of higher standard than the Mercian Regiment so.....yes, its true.

    Just my opinion of course.
  3. Is this a bite, MMAGeek? RMR members can serve with regular RM Units with no more training and so by the end of their training they should be of a higher standard than run of the mill infantry, that is of course if you accept that the Royal Marines are better than an Army County Regiment.
    As you wish to join the RMR I hope that you do, if not go join the 1st Foot and Mouth.
  4. Marines walk on water, Pongos sink…
    I see that remarkably similar questions to all your post on RR have been posted on ARRSE, by one geoffgb any relation?
    Or just going for the maximum number of bites?
  6. What an odd, troll-like question.

    Marinz is well better dan pongos, innit, etc

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