Are my Posts being Deleted

Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by 0G1N, Jan 26, 2013.

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  1. have put forward a couple of posts this fine evening, nothing to risky and the are not showing, am I being red carded or somink:cry:

  2. Cheers (for your dry wit) I'll PM
  3. He's busy getting sponsorship. unnamed.jpg
  4. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Have you had a wet tonight, I find drinking plays havoc with t'internet.;-P

  5. You aint going to believe this but I dont drink or haven't since leaving the Mob back in 2002
  6. I like it but prefere this default.jpg
  7. A simple question 7 posts and its all gone to rats
  8. Well I forgot the question, I have a short attent
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  9. Evening Chief, when did you hit the beach?
  10. Ah question time, did you sell your caravan?
  11. Or you could just tell me and save me 2 minutes of boredom. Scratch that I've worked it out.
  12. Alas not yet.
  13. Are my missing posts in your sodding caravan
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  14. And how did I know?
  15. They aint missing they will come up on the top 50 in their own sweet time.
    If you look at the side you will see them.
  16. Sod it toys out of pram signing off +
  17. My shares must have plummeted.
  18. Speculate to accumulate.
  19. Funny you should say that.
  20. What is funny then? Do tell

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