Are Men more intelligent than Women

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by The_Caretaker, Dec 1, 2006.

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  1. What are your thoughts on the over all intelligence of women.
  2. Zilch.
  3. Emm they know their way around a Kitchen and a cookery book so there must be some in there somewhere!
  4. Don't know about the rest of you married guys but in almost 38 years of marriage if my wife has set her sights on something in the end she always seems to get it (even if I didn't want it).
  5. I dont care as long as they're decent looking with a decent figure , 8O
  6. It's not so much them having more or less intelligence, it's more like a different intelligence.
  7. I didn't marry the wife for her thoughts on the world around us (although she shares them often enough). She has got a fantastic arse, great top deck stowage bins and a face that doesn't look like its been hit with a pan. Thats enough for me

    Women are by their nature as mentally capable as a paint cat. Its to do with evolution. Women sit at home in caves chatting (i.e. the modern coffee morning). men go out of the cave, having done the fire, and come back with food.

    If women were more intelligent than men, the human race would now be extinct. This is fact based btw.
  8. If you have to ask this question clearly you are not.
  9. cannot argue with evolution though...

    Men = clever
    Women = crackers

  10. How long have you got??
  11. Lets face it Guys, most women can and often do out smart men , various ways !!!.

    Use sex appeal
    Vunerable side !!!!
    Weaker sex
    Charm etc.
    Abit vague, but food for thought, think on it lads ???
    Who always gets there own way in life in a relationship ? men or women ?

    I am not being sexist or have a axe to grind in any way or form, just fact.
  12. I hate to say it R.B but to be fair to you your actually right!! I've fallen for all of the above recently only for it to backfire on me big time!! now i'm getting daggers, no texts, no explanation and left wondering what the fuck i've done!! I can hear you all groaning loudly and saying "Theres one born every minute" SUCKER!!! :lol:
  13. O dear mate, lol
  14. Am i bovvered? Do i look bovvered? Bovvered, face, bovvered!! I aint bovvered!! Well i am actually but a few beverages with me oppos will sort that one out!! :wink:
  15. After 44 years of marriage, it is always prudent to pretend to be wrong.
  16. Bloody hell, well done hig, no wonder your a war hero
  17. Men don't need to pretend to be wrong!
    It would be much easier just to go along with our idea in the first place! My parents have been married years because my Mother always comes up with an idea, then puts it to him like it was his idea... Dad always has a magic brain wave..hmm!
  18. Hey Nutty, get them lager goggles on, life is a lot clearer with them, plenty more ladies out there!
  19. See Wkd wren, Men dont need to pretend to be wrong !!!!!! they are wrong lol
  20. you dont know the half of it.. :wink:

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