Are COWS getting more deadly?

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by thingy, Jul 22, 2009.

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  1. born and grew up on a farm,don't go in a field with a dog or even by yourself if they have young'uns.
    they will trample you and won't stop until you are a burger!
    Cows are best on a plate fried and covered with onions.
    I'm suprised that one who was killed was a vet walking her dog in a field with cows protecting their young,even a farmer would have more sense than to do that.
    My old man taught me that lesson,keep the sheepdogs away from cows .
  2. After the way the animal kingdom is treated/abused by "THE EARTHLINGS" what do you expect.

    Not for the feint hearted 8O 8O 8O
  3. It'll be us just as soon as the Planet of the Apes becomes a reality. :twisted: :D
  4. I heard about some cows on an island in the north, where that disiease was tested. They got the people off 30 years ago and forgot the cows. When they went back, the cows had gone feral, brown, hairy and very angry at people.
  5. People who walk around the countryside waving mustard and Yorkshire puddings in the face of poor animals deserve to be stomped on.
    They need that like a bolt in the head. 8O :roll: :wink:
  6. News Flash.

    There are some really NASTY COWS on the" last post" trying to steal my prize. :oops: :D
  7. About 2 weeks ago I was with a group who were playing farmers golf in Holland. It involves using a clog on a stick to hit a small football around the farmers fields, which are inhabited by cows. One of my team asked if the cows are dangerous, no says I they're harmless, apart from which they're Cloggies, well laid back. Error. I was just about to try and hit the ball from under the lecky fence when a thundering of hooves alerted me to the presence of a bollshy cow. Fortunately there was said lecky fence between us, or I might have taken up permanent residence in the field.
  8. No chance they just wanted to play!! Just for you thick cnuts!

    If ever a herd or a singleton decides to charge push out your arms make yourself look big and roar like "feck off you four legged tawts" and they will stop.

    Myself being a veggie I just hold out my hand and they come along and lick it, reminds them of there mother who went into a beef burger long ago!!
  9. Fcuk me if you taste like a beef burger, I'll come and lick your hand, could you put a bit of brown sauce on it. :oops: 8O :D :D
    Could you keep a milk shake handy as well :wink:

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