Are cats really evil?

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Jenny_Dabber, Sep 26, 2007.

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  1. I take it there are all females??
  2. Oh please! Does this look evil to you? :)

    Can't view those vids but they sound good.
  3. According to my dog all cats are the very personification of evil.
  4. cats are women in little fur coats - if you can't live with a cat, you have no business being with a woman.
  5. Check out the one in the middle


    It's lucifer I tell you
  6. Yep ! My ex had one that was pure evil :evil: (to me !!) - but she objected when I renamed it 'Cooking Fat' - in true Naval tradition of course .. ;)
  7. The one shitting in my garden is :evil4:
  8. Have a cat anytime over a dog: dogs need walking, cats can do it themselves! How many times have you heard of jealous cats killing young children who are competing for attention? None. Dogs on the other hand... :grommit: ....OK, he's the exception!
  9. My neighbours cats are evil, they use my garden as a toilet, when the neighbours go away and leave the cats locked out for 2 weeks (rang RSPCA and as much use as a chocolate teapot) they try to use my house as a hotel......
  10. It is impossible to stare into the eyes of another human being for more than ten seconds without feeling self concious.....a cat can do it for minutes at a time with no effort whatsoever. Cats are not self concious....cats just are.
    Cats were worshipped by ancient Egyptians as gods....cats have never ever forgotten this. All cats want is a warm bed and return they will ignore you and shred any furniture going. Not to much to ask for is it!
    Cats know that dogs are an embarrassment to the animal kingdom and just wish they'd STFU with the barking thing. It's like a car alarm that nobody has any interest in. WTH does woof woof mean anyway.
    As soon as cats have sussed the secrets of catnip and whiskas pouches they are off.
  11. Sounds like an autistic child! Perhaps cats are naturally autistic, or autistic children are naturally feline?
  12. "Bad Cat! - Bad Cat! - Bad Cat!"

  13. Tastes as good as it looks (Felix),well Jaspurr the wifes cat prefers the nice square lumps in the cheaper version. Not the stuff that looks like pavment pizza so he aint so bad , got on well with the dog too.
  14. Cats can't be evil or the Chinese wouldn't eat them!
  15. Not evil when dead. :hello1:

  16. When I lived in Malaya most of the cats had kink in their tail------the chinese used to break the kittens tail to make it imperfect .Cos they thought that a cat is the most perfect animal ever.

    As noted --and they ate them----along with anything else that breathed and moved!!

    :nemo: :nemo:

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