Are all wrens sluts or just most of them?

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Zoidberg, Jun 14, 2010.

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  1. Serious question.
  2. Have you been rejected by one??
  3. Opposite ;)
  4. So what's the problem then?

    Does it matter?
  5. And without pics this thread is useless
  6. Just wondering. I hope they are, it'd be awesome.
  7. Stop being sexist - all jack is so why not wrens.
  8. I see a few weeks at Raleigh hasn't curbed you tendancies to be a complete fuckin knob.
  9. Please do not refer to them as sluts, in the RN SLUTS are Sub Lts Under Training.
    We prefer them to be referred to as "Toys for the Boys" :p
  10. Zoid, you sound just like your brain power - VOID!

    I agree with Spidiver - you are a knob and probably have a small one of them as well.
  11. Just the sort of post that 2SL's recent letters to COs refer to. Why do people do it?
  12. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    What? Write to CO's? God knows. Maybe he was bored or something.
  13. It doesn't count if they don a strap on and commence in smashing your guts I'm afraid.
  14. WRNS - they simply don't exist any more. This woman at sea thing is now old hat. It must be 20 years ago this year that the first females went to sea and the WRNS was disbanded.
  15. *pedant mode on*

    They still remained WRENS after they went to sea in 1990. It was a couple of years later that they became fully integrated into the RN and the WRNS was disbanded.

    *pedant mode off*
  16. We still had Leading Wrens etc at sea until early 2000's. I remember them
  17. What do you mean by that though tommo? Surely you just mean how they were referred to in an informal manner - they were certainly not members of the WRNS as it didn't exist, so the term 'Leading Wren' was, technically, incorrect.
  18. Well we had LWWEM(R) on board my first ship and WOM's that was 97-99. At Culdrose there was 2 WOM(C)'s in the ops room with me that was 2001
  19. I assume that the 'W' was to indicate 'woman', bearing in mind the whole issue was still evolving. I can't be sure as I was outside then, but as I say, I believe it was more a 'slang' (for want of a better word) term. They were certainly not Wrens in the 'real' meaning of the word.

    Anyway, the second half of Full Metal Jacket beckons so I'm off now. :)
  20. Well all I know is the pipes made said Leading Wren.

    The PO Wren (T) in the Ops room of Culdrose was still called a PO Wren also.

    I'm just saying. That was their rates and they were called Wrens. I know we were told to stop calling them splits and had to call them Wasa's though

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