Are all Royals Commandoes?

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by jesse, May 15, 2009.

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  1. Forgive one of the "piss stained" old bastards but;- In my day{Does Granny and Rum Rat agree] Not all Royals were commandos . There were "Sea Marines" who manned gun turrets and did general duties.They were messed between us and the wardroom to protect the pigs[They were pigs in my day} Today are they all Commandos or do they have trades like electrician cook? I know that Band persons are apart. Are trades Royals Also Commandos ; or do cooks, radio operators and Medics come from the Navy? Not a bone Question I've been outside before some of your fathers were born.
  2. The only non-Commando Royal Marines are those under training at CTCRM and the members of the Royal Marine Band Service. There are no more 'Sea Marines' (as per the Royal Marine Light Infantry and Royal Marine Artillery), these died a death in the 50's or 60's I believe.
  3. 14th February 1942 Royal Marine Commandos were formed.
  4. I think it was '69 when all new joiners were required to become cabbage heads, until then all the non commando marines wore blue with the marine badge on it. 8O

    I still never argued with em unless the exit's were clear.
    I could strike and run faster than the Fcukin Taliban. 8O :D
  5. Rumrat you really need to check you history, I was on the first Commando Carrier Bulwark from Jan 1960, all of our Marines were cabbage heads, what you are talking about were ships Marines.
  6. Hmm carry on calling us cabbage heads and you might have to run fast. :wink: :wink:
  7. How about lettuce head :wink:
  8. Thats better. Can't have your matlots types mimicking what those Para Reg knobbers call us. Its all jealousy you know!!!
  9. Mimmiking Para`s? Fukc off, jack had Cabbagehead first along with the cherry berries, time for a history lesson on here.
  10. Furry muff Hig
  11. Look all I need to know call em what you want,
    Marines Boat marines, Whatever, .........they all had that Fookin badge on there head to keep their hat on, ......they all grunted a lot,...... and when the grunting rose to a cresendo, you Fookin ran..... as that was about the time they started hittin people. 8O :D :cry: :cry:
  12. All RMs, except Bandies, are now Commando trained.
    Specialised Training from Chef to Signaler and everything in between can only take place after a Marine has passed out and got his Green lid.
    I'd agree with AtG on the last date for Blue Beret Marines. I'll do some research and try to get a definite date.
  13. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    On the 'Bermuda' in 53/54 the Royal Marines all wore blue berets. They manned one of the 6" turrets, 'B' I think. I know that they took great pride in it and were probably the best trained of the 4 turrets crews. For a time I was 'Tanky', working alongside the Marine Butcher. He had the slickest scam with the Rum issue. He was in charge of drawing the Rum from the spirit store. There would be the OOD, duty Supply rating, with his book and me humping. He used his Syphon to extract the Rum from the cask to the Barracoe. At the end he would withdraw the syphon handle and withdraw it from the barrel, he would then take out the syphon itself. No one noticed that he hadn't pressed the non return valve at the botton of the syphon which meant that it was still full of Rum. Up we would go carrying it very carefully back to the Butchers cage where we bottled it. After having a quick tot on the side down the rum store( the OOD usually wanted a tot) we were well away. As a matter of interest has the statute of limitations run out yet?
  14. Yeah, cos we all know you're more like a cabbage patch doll XRD..... :lol:
    You know you'll forgive me eventually.... :wink:
  15. :headbang: There are still some of us about who managed the transition from sea going Bootneck to the Commando Brigade,I served with 40 Commando during the first Malayan campaign finished the commision in 52 returned to the uk to join HMS Striker (blue beret) then to the War Canoe HMS Jamaica 1954 (blue beret) action station Y turret,then in 56 back to 40 Commando for Suez (green beret) I'm not to sure when the Green Lid was standard wear for all,a point of interest during the 50's RM Eastney barracks was mostly sea service bootnecks and if you had just come back from the Brigade and walked into barracks wearing the green beret you were marched to the clothing store and issued with blue beret.
    Aye jr
  16. Excellent post B54.
    Would you know if most of the Sea Service Blue Beret Marines were pre WWII enlistments (ie not Hostilities Only) who didn't want to do the Commando Course?
    Or was it common to get drafted between the Commandos and the Fleet?
  17. :p By the end of WW11 the Corps strengh stood at 70.000 Marines and by 1947 had shrank rapidly to a post war total of around 13.000 all the 'hostilities' only ranks who had served throughout the war had been demobilised by 1946 leaving the regular bootnecks to soldier on.
    By the end of 1947,the Corps had settled down into three broad functions: Commandos who rotated between the Brigade wherever it may be; and the Commando School at Bickleigh then there was the amphibious side of the corps based at Eastney, finally though they were declining in numbers as the capital ships were phased out came the Sea Service Marines.
    All regular Marine recruits were trained initially at the Royal Marines Depot Deal,and the Infantry Training Centre at Lympstone,untill detailed for further training in one of the three roles above,while all retained,as they still retain,a strong link with the Royal Navy of which I might add are at the moment the edge of the sword?.
    This is a broad picture but there was plenty of movement,and it was by no means unknown for a Marine to serve one commission of two and a half years at sea,and follow it with a similar term in the Commando Brigade. Aye JR :thumbright:
  18. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    There has always been talk (for the last 20 odd years at least) of Bootnecks not serving in 3 Cdo brigade having to take off one of there distinguishing marks. In my time it was the Commando flashes on the wooley pulley. This was viewed with distain by the lads, not as an affront to what they'd achieved to be able to wear them in the first place but because it meant unhitching and sewing on badges every time they got drafted or went on a course, for example CTC isn't in 3 Cdo brigade. I'm out of the loop now but seeing as the current trend is to wear badges does the dagger get removed when on course?
  19. All interesting but what I wanted t o know was;-Who and from which services keep the Royals in the front line? Supplies, pay, the cooking at R.M. bases A.C.C. or R.N.Which R.N. rates if any, can claim to be commandos Medics Radio Operators ?Bases have to be maintained so from which services do the trades ratings come from?
  20. The Corps in general and the Bde in particular is relatively self sufficient and self supporting. The exceptions come in the form of first line MAs (although there are a considerable number of RM MAs now) and 2nd line tech, driving and medical support in CLR. Many RN Log branch pers fill line numbers in places such as CTCRM but this is I believe as much to do with Ship-shore ratios as anything else. There are very limited numbers of other Rating (branch) billets within the RM Command.

    As an aside whilst "blue/ships marines" may have disappeared many years ago, let's not forget that many of us have had the pleasure :wink: of long term cruising on a pusser's grey since that time!


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