I watched a programme on Tv last night about Chefs spending a day with the RM during cold weather training in the Arctic.

This is not a dig, I am genuinely interested... why does Royal still go to the Arctic for cold weather training ? And is that training - which seems a bit bizarre to me considering real world events - balanced by training in counter-insurgency ops ?


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Watched the self-same Masterchef programme. I always enjoyed the food when I went on my winter holidays, but am amazed that they chose to test their hopefuls out on Royal's discerning palate. It always struck me that no matter what was served up as part of the 8000 calories a day, the punters would hoick out the chilli or curry powder to give it a bit of flavour!


why does royal go?? well loads of reasons ..its bloody harsh terrain , excellent learning curve , furthermore regarding climate change who says that we wont fight in cold inhospitable places (think afghan winter or south georgia ) ..the same has been said of paras learning to parachute ..its also the esprit de corps cant say your an effective fighting unit unless the officers and men have the upmost confidence they can operate in any enviroment and anywhere in the world


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The real truth........some years ago in a different age they bought all this cold weather gear, and skis, its got to be used up


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janner said:
The real truth........some years ago in a different age they bought all this cold weather gear, and skis, its got to be used up

And you forget to mention the pleasure of skiing on "Pussers Planks"


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Forgot to address the real question in my last post.

When the chance came, last Oct / Nov to deploy in support of the people in Northern Pakistan, which could have exercised Royal, medical support, Aid to the Civil Power and numerous other parts of the repertoire, what did UK plc do? Quick as a flash - zilch other than packing up a few Chinooks to deploy when the RAF were ready. The RM is just the sort of rapidly deployable group to send in this type of emergency, but, of course, we have no humanitarian role!!
Well Royal's one and only purpose during the bad old days was to be dropped off in Norway and get crushed under the wheels of Russian tanks for the two weeks it would take the Spams to get their War Machine over the Atlantic, thereby keeping the Russkies away from Norways' airfields and denying their bombers the opportunity of blowing the crap out of the Spam Atlantic convoys. Hence why Royal got an all-expenses paid trip to Norway for a ski holiday every year.

Given that the whole raison detre of Royal training for Norway is slightly defunct these days, the original poster does have a valid question. WHY still train in Norway for a role that doesn't exist anymore? Surely there must be more relevant training the Booties can do that's just as manly and well 'ard?


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Well I've done nine winters up in the Arctic wastes, with both Jack, Royal and once, a regiment of Donkey Wallopers.
My first time I asked what the hell did the locals do. The lovely Heidi replied, "Well, in the summer, theres the fishing and the fcuking."
What do you do in the winter?
"Its too cold to fish." came the reply.
Now thats a good a reason I know of going.


Due to Buffer 01's response above I have lived here for the last twenty or so years, having first started training here as early as 1969 in the role described by Scribes.
The annual exercise , Cold Response, has just started with, they say, 10,000 troops taking part from as far afield as Spain, Italy, Holland,Germany, Sweden, Finland, UK (3 Cdo bde RM , RN and RAF Units), Norway and the US. In the newspaper sent to all households in the area by the Norwegian MOD it says that Winter training in Northern Norway tests both men and equipment in more arduous conditions than normal, which is good preparation for active joint service operations around the world. Built into the exercise are various exercises in dealing with terrorists and rioting civilian populations, as opposed to being squashed by tanks.


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“Part of the exercise is to deal with terrorists and rioting civilian populations,†in Norway ??

Strewth the buggars are everywhere!

My next door neighbor in Guzz was a Bootneck Sergeant and he loved it, though he was convinced it would soon be axed as it was a blatant jolly. That was in 1972.



What cheor Buffer and Token ?

I came over first for the Snow and Cold Weather Warfare course in 1963.....

After that - of course - a posting to Aden - where else after ski training ?

Came here for good in 1966 - as a sailing instructor first then - when the
snow came - a ski instructor - In those days I did very little fishing .....

Norway has to be the finest place on earth to do any snow or cold weather
aquaint courses.... no-one fires back over here - well, not often.... and then
it's usually about fishing licences or similar.....

Forty years man and beast..... :D