Arctic Convoys - recognition

Brave Brave men I had the honour of leading the last surviving members of the Arctic Convoys Association marching through Plymouth town centre in 2006 couldn't keep the tears out of my eyes those white berets were such a poignant reminder of the sacrifice and dedication the poor old bastards displayed during those terrible convoys. Guess what how sad the Russians displayed far more respect for them than we ever did.
AB(HSD1) Les Sayers 1920 - 1993 RIP
One of the blokes at my legion was quite proud of his Russian Artic convoy medals. Used to make you feel cold, even on a hot day, when he spoke about the conditions.

Sadly he crossed the bar earlier this year, aged 90 but was as fit as a fiddle up and a sprightly old guy right up until the last couple of weeks. He joined up at Ganges in 1937.
First time I carried the RNA standard at a funeral was for an Arctic Convoy Veteran,Albert Higgins passed away in 2008. We have one left now who still has the white beret.
Sadly my father crossed the bar some years ago, he stated that when they first started the convoys the crews weren't allowed ashore.
stated that he would have traded any medals for a run ashore there.

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