Arctic Convoy Medal Out Next Month!


Just seen the BBC news. The Arctic Convoy Medal is due out next month (March 2013) for surviving veterans
and the families of deceased veterans, involved in the Russian Convoys of WW2.

My late father, John Richards then 20, was in the Arctic Convoys (which I have mentioned in previous posts) so I'm pleased that he and the rest of the veterans are finally getting the recognition they deserve.

Great news for the Arctic Convoy Heroes. You have not been forgotten!

Alex Devaney.
My great granfather and great uncle both served on the convoys. My great uncle died at the age 16 during one of the convoys. My nan (daughter and sister) of both was wondering how she can apply for the medals for both of them? Can anyone help please. We have photos and log books and letters which belonged to my great grandfather some of real interest. He saved someones life and we have the letter thanking him andhe was rewarded with 10 pound a mention in dispatches and the Oak Leaves.
Hi Mzee 796

Have just posted a reply to your query about the Arctic Convoy Medal. See contact details in 'Current Affairs' forum.
(I couldn't find your post). Hope this information will help with your query.

Best Wishes
Alex Devaney

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