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I may be a bit of a dinosaur re. the following but does anyone think same as me regarding the Commonwealth Games.
I can't get my head around the Archery comp. these bows have double or treble strings,reflex action,pulley wheels,tele sights,wind adjustment gauges,counter balance weights front and rear plus other thing I can't figure out.
When they do shoot from approx 50 yards[don't know the ranges]the arrow drops like a rainbow!
Perhaps an Archer can explain it to me. Have we lost the plot here,although I only made the reserves in the RN team at Bisley we had no Tele sights or wind gauges, just aim and fire.
Considering the English longbow men could put an arrow through a helmet eye visor slit from 50 yards and a galloping Turkish archer could do the same from 50 feet on horseback,I don't see this as true archery.
I guess I just don't move with the times but it did look weird when they lifted the bows.
It strikes me as well as abit to fancy, What with all them prongs and stuff hanging out of the front of the bow. There must still be alot of skill involved but it's not exactly "pure" archery anymore.

It's a sport I wouldn't mind a go at tho, not the fancy stuff, long bow and a straw target would be fine.


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Archery, as with most sports, has progressed technically in the last couple of decades. There are (I think) 3 main bow disciplines, the traditional longbow, or bare bow, then the recurve, which is still a 'bow shape' more or less, but which has all the balance weights etc, then there is the compound bow, which is the one with all the pulleys - they enable you to hold the bow at full power for ages and are phenomenally powerful.

If you want to amaze yourself with all the bits and pieces you can put on a bow these days, google 'quicks' of Waterlooville!!


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I've tried using a yew lonbow a few times. The strongest ones available had a 60lb pull, and they where a bit of a beast. (I'm not exactly a weakling btw!) It seems that the bows pulled up from the Mary Rose had a 150lb pull.


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I was watching a longbow competition this morning at the HAC. I've never watched serious archery before and I always assumed it was just firing arrows at RAF roundels attached to straw.

I was wrong, the first arrow travelled about 150 metres sailing elegantly across the Artillery Garden, through the rugby posts and embedding itself neatly into the middle of the pitch. I was slightly put off by the fact that all the participants appeared to be wearing some sort of cub scout uniform, but I can let that slide since it was so spectacular.


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clanky said:
I've tried using a yew lonbow a few times. The strongest ones available had a 60lb pull, and they where a bit of a beast. (I'm not exactly a weakling btw!) It seems that the bows pulled up from the Mary Rose had a 150lb pull.
They ate swans in those days...

I've had a few goes over the years and every time I do I wonder why I left it so long.


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Did a bit of archery in Gib, 1965/66. No fancy jobs and ranges from 50 to 150 yards, inside the rock on one of the wards of the underground hospital. Took a bit to pull back on a 30lb bow and keep it steady. Today it's a machine, not man, doing the job. 8)


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Agree it's moved on a bit but I bet they don't get the same satisfaction I had by going down the woods,selecting a Hazel branch and a load of straight Hazel root branches[they were the straightest with no knots] saw off a nail head,point it then hammer it in the front of the arrows.
Off we went to shoot anything with 4 legs.
Sod targets,you can't lead on a target,you have to on a rabbit.
Nostalgia is wonderful ain't it?
These bows just had me puzzled but I guess it's a proper sport.
It's just like Form 1 racing,everything, from speed,gear changes and overtaking instructions etc are governed and ordered by the team from the pit.
To modern for me.


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Your right,just got a flyer in the post,up for sale in a box DVD set is the complete Walton series!Who can resist that?
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How many of those will they sell?Even my wife turned it off at the first episode.
Wasn't nowt like the farm I was brought up on,too knackered to say goodnight to anyone.
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