Archer Class

I did liaison officer for 2 of the above on a recent visit to Cork. I am an Reserve Officer here in Ireland .
I was surprised that such a fantastic training resource is not used by the RNR generally only the University Sqadron, surly they would be of more benefit to the RNR.
Just some of my thoughts, the crews enjoyed the visit and were a credit to the RN.


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They are nice wee boats, but the Modern RNR's role wouldn't allow them to be used enough to warrent having some "on thier Books" so to speak. As a Reservist i have spent several weekends on Sandown MCMV's and am about to spend two weeks on a River Class OPV. New entries from my unit have on several occaisions had visits to P2000's passing by. With all the other training i have to do in my branches role i dont see the chance to fit any more time in. Its cheaper to send they people who need sea time to a Regular RN vessal and gain experiance that way.
Always seemed a bit elitist with the Uni's only having the Archers, I have visions of pissed up toff students playing Captain while downing bottles of Blue WKD. I would have thought RNR would be a better unit to use them.
I'm with Instinct on this. As nice as it would be to have a shiney grey toy to play with that's all they would be. I can't see the RNR getting much training value out of them.

Now, if they were to see fit to put some of the old sweepers at a few of the RNR units I would think that they would represent good training value. Proper ship environment, routines and equipment.

Alas it will never happen. Only the big navies can afford reserve training vessels. You know the navies i mean - Japan, Canada, France etc.


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I was talking to an URNU CO the other week. He noted that at present only 50% of P2000 time is dedicated to students. The rest is to do with Fleet tasking, exercises, Nav Training, Joint Warrior, various other things and RN in the public eye. The URNUs now only use a relatively small amount of this increasingly busy squadrons time. The days of P2000s alongside during the week and only being a weekend plaything are gone forever.
Anyone here remember the 'old' River Class? Originally RNR deep water sweepers. Always makes me smile when people talk about River Class OPVs. My time as XO of ARUN brings back fantastic memories (post her RNR time).


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That's where they started out when they were new back in the late 80s, when they were attached to RNR divisions and used for navigation & seamanship training. At the time the URNUs were increasing in number and they were reassigned to their present use.
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