Arab uprising exposes Britain’s naval weakness

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by xnader, Feb 21, 2011.

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  1. Arab uprising exposes Britain’s naval weakness - Telegraph

  2. For some reason unknown to me I beamed when I read this, then was suddenly sad :(
  3. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Moonshine of course. Egypt has no history of democracy and Arabs don't understand it anyway since it is based on concepts of individual equality that are totally lacking from their mediaeval culture set. All Dave is trying to do is to get the inheritors of Mubarak's regime to forget how we went along with Mubarak all those years. If indeed the average Egyptian thinks of Britain in any sort of political terms at all.

    Oh and perhaps Dave was trying to get there before Tone arrives to spread a bit of his Middle East 'Peace'. Or perhaps just doing his Blair Lite bit. Totally meaningless trip anyway.
  4. I rather suspect that both Mr Cameron and Mr Blair both have timeshares holiday accommodation there....must protect ones assets.
  5. A far from meaningless trip (IMHO) - getting in early with a strong show of support at the highest level is a very important gesture (admittedly not much more than a gesture but important in the political context) and it demonstrates that there is at least one Western bloc that believes in the furtherence of the democratic process. It really is not very important what has gone before, but it is very important what goes on from here..
  6. As always the odd comment under the article is itself worth comment. "Risk manager" says that the reporter must do more research whilst obviously having no idea how a NEO would be planned and executed, the assets best suited and of course the difficulties of operating large civilian aircraft in a hostile environment!!

  7. Where is the 'Naval Weakness' connotation the subject heading is on about ?
  8. Assuming the airports and harbour facilities are out of bounds, providing top cover while Brits are being evacuated off the beaches in RIBs and Landing Craft?
  9. Only BA and BMA have cancelled flights.
  10. Dis-connect between thread title and post.

    By the way - aircraft are getting in and out of Libya according to media reports... or is the thrust of the thread that a stronger RN would have been able to stop the riff-raff overpowering their benevolent rulers in North Africa?
  11. Has anyone heard of EuroMed (ex Barcelona Treaty 2005) ?
  12. Consigned to the dust-bin of history. Whereas the Turkey-Spain "Alliance of Civilisations" has just been retrieved, dusted, down and re-read...
  13. Well we're losing our surface ships, at least those with the capability of providing air cover and an amphibious landing platform.
    I suppose we could always send the Pongos in a train.
    Imagine the Middle East with 10 Irans and 10 HadyerdinnerDads - they could cripple the West by cutting off the oil and redirecting it to China and Russia, who could provide some seriously nasty hardware to a bunch of religious fanatics who would be willing to use it.
    Then the other religious fanatics (based in the Pentagon) could do their 'God's work' and respond.

    Happy days

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