Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by xchiefcook, Jul 15, 2010.

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  1. I have lived in pompey for over 30 odd yrs and I've been out of the mob for 3 now. Although I'm a pretty placid, easy going sort of guy...what really Fucks me off is the number of complete Feckin arsholes who drive taxis (AQUA being the main one) they drive around like they own the roads, with complete disregard for other road users, be they car drivers, motorcycle riders or cyclists. i know most matelots off out on the piss in pompey probably use them as they are reasonably cheap ... but fuck me I detest the arrogant arsehole pompey fuck pig drivers. sorry rant over now !!!
    Anyone else feel the same ???
  2. Whilst I have not be down to Pommpy for years I do share the feeling with you that taxi drivers are for the most part are very bad drivers and rude and
    they also think they own the road. But for me far worse are the two wheel
    terrorist's (cyclists) now those people, who pay no road tax, insurance or take a driving test, They ride in the middle of the road do all manner of crazy and dangerous things and they do own the roads so they think. Oh thats better, outrage bus parked for the night. :D
  3. Personally I would like to thank Aqua taxi's for their prompt and efficient service.
  4. Do you not like my new bike/taxi then Tug?
  5. I ride a bike but I also have a car so I do all the things you have mentioned above. The reason I ride my bike rather than drive my car is it takes ten minutes less to get to work and saves £30 a week in petrol. Feel free to wave next time I zoom past you in a traffic jam :twisted: The people you should moan at are horse riders who let their horses shit all over the roads and don't clean it up (dog owners are penalised why not horse owners?), therefore making roads slippery in the wet which is dangerous to motorbikes and cars.
  6. The taxi drivers from every town graduate from the same school dont they? My experience of Watford taxi drivers began with a journey back home from my sisters one saturday night, and when I asked how much it was, he asked "How much was it on the way there?" - I didnt get a f***ing taxi on the way there, you twat!
  7. You should have said 50p
  8. Exactly who's the twat now :lol:
  9. yep, I will give you that one!
  10. I can't help it if I get irritated by idiots!
  11. Quite Agree.

    I have figured out why they never use direction indicators either - Apparently their first, solo, fare carries out the local time-honoured ritual of wrenching the indicator stalk from their steering column and ramming up the place sans sunshine.

    This also accounts for their perpetual grumpiness.


    PS CityWide Cabs do cost more but invariably provide a safer and more courteous service.
  12. Don't worry I work on behalf of the DVLA towing people. The latest excuse I have had for not taxing a vehicle is "it's not my fault my tax is 6 months out of date, you didn't send me a reminder letter." The expiry date is written on the tax disc which should be on the windscreen of your car, does your mum still get you dressed in the morning? :twisted:
  13. mind you, last year I suddenly noticed on the 23rd December that my MOT was several weeks out of date....
  14. Ever heard of glasshouses and stones?

    And did you know that stacks of ex Matelots drive taxi's as with their pensions, and the extortionate fares they live like kings. :wink:
    I owned and operated three at one time, want a loan :wink: :D

    Edited to say that gived me an idea for a........ 8O
  15. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    What the hell are you lot complaining about? You should try getting a mini cab in London. Cunts to a man. As for black cabbies, they might have the knowledge, but this doesn't include knowing when to shut the fuck up. I couldn't give two shits who you had in the cab yesterday mate, but guess what? I've just shat on your floor you irritating cab driving twat. They make me want to break things.
  16. Yes but Blackers.........Everybody makes you want to break things.Usually starting with a femur or two and then working your way up.Its just your nature :)
  17. Jesus H Rumrat thats evil I will have nightmares for years over that, I am now rocking back and forth like the ginger step child that seen the belt. :wink: :D
  18. I'm thinking of having a few days cruising Liverpool in the rush hour to try my new bike out. :roll: :wink:
  19. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Not so dear chap. I'm as placid as a Cumbrian cabbie or indeed a steroid pumping whinging gwar.
  20. Tug catches up with a taxi driving cyclist.

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