Aptitude Tests.

Just received a date for late January and starting to 'revise'...

Does anyone have any advice??

and anyone who has sat them, how did you prepare?

Would the cheeky purchase of a PS3, aid me in anyway?

thanks for now.


Lantern Swinger
Hi buy a Phsometric book shit spelling i know long word ha ha. Revise these tests the best you can the higher the score the more trades for you to choose from. Also revise what they have given to you. Get used to the time limits as 30 questions in 9 mims is approx 18sec per question and it is best to answer every question. The test is ok i failed the first time so i had to go away and improve on my maths you have to prove you have attended a place of learning to retake the test in 6 months or you have to wait a year. So make sure you really try to pass the first time. After this section in the selection process its pretty much staight forward and i think quite fast just the interview, medical, pjft thats it all done just the wait also forms to fill out. But get pass this huddle the secret is to really revise and the weaker sectionsyou are weak on work on harder. They are very strict on the time limit using a stop clock to time you. Revise Revise is the answer. You can pick up these books on these links there are loads of questions these books i have brought.




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Hey mate.
Dont worry bout the test its not too bad.
All I did for revision was looked what sort of questions there are in the test booklet and looked into a couple of old GCSE books that I borrowed from friends.
Also dont worry bout the time try and stay calm it helps. If you dont know the answer to a question go to the next and if theres time go back to it after.
hope that helps a lil
Good luck buddy
I did my psychometric tests yesterday. They aren't too bad at all. I was a bit worried about the maths section as I've not done it since my GCSEs (which were some time ago!) but if you just brush up on basic mental arithmatic it shouldn't be too hard for you.
Main bit of advice I would give you is don't dwell on any questions if you get stuck on them. The time limit is pretty tight so it might be worth moving on ang going back to it at the end if you get a chance.
All the best mate, good luck!


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Carefully read the examples booklet they will give you. Do the practice questions and if you get ANY wrong, then revise that area as much as you can. There are endless GCSE/A-level revision sites that will be able to help.

I actually found many of the questions in the test to be much harder than in the example booklet. The questions get harder the nearer to the end of each section you do. I went into the test confident (after getting almost all practice questions correct) and was a bit worried when faced with some of the more difficult questions at the end.

The other key area is to not dwindle on any questions. This is sound advise as you get a very tight time in which to answer the questions. I ended up missing the last 7 questions in the first section because I spent too long on the earlier ones. If you do not know the answer to a question just make an educated guess, or move onto the next one then come back to it if you have time.

To be honest I was shitting it after missing the questions and then having harder questions than I had anticipated. Yet the 4 other people doing the test with me (all applying for Royal Marines) were cocky bastards and they all finished each section before me. One of them boasted that he had done no revision at all and found the test very easy (which made me feel like even more of a dork).

However, I passed my test, and the others all failed. Incidentally I was the only person to turn up on time and the only person well dressed (one even wore a dirty, torn tracksuit). So basically if you have an average level of intelligence and put in the revision you will pass no problem. After all my worrying I was told I had passed well above my required mark for my branch of choice and I realised putting in the effort does pay off.
Hi Duffer,

I did the test last week and passed. It has been a looooonnnngggg time since I went to school! So I bought a psychometric testing book and practiced against the clock.

They questions themselves aren't too difficult, time is the issue. So get practicising over and over against the clock.

My mechanical comprehension was my weakest area but I think if you are not too long out of school then it won't be a problem.

Best of luck :thumright:
Thanks for all your inputs! Much appreciated.

It's been a while since I did any maths! Just going to start beasting it over christmas.

some books on the way courtesy of trusty Amazon.

Just started my revision for FATS... got some books on aptitude test, practice tests etc..

How complicated is the maths... its just that one of these books - "Advanced Aptitude Tests" has examples of differentiation, exponents, equations involving X values and cubed roots... Ahhhhhhhh

In short, what level is the maths thats involved?
My higher maths is 6 years out of date... what should I revise?



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I did the test about 2weeks ago now.
And tbh i was so scared but when you get doing it its no where as near as hard as you would expect.
They tell you to dress presntable and that so i just went in a shirt, some people turnd up in jeans and looked like scruffs tbh.

The timing is quite tight and they told us they would walk around with a stop watch on each section when we had a minute to go.
It got to the maths section (which i had been dreding) and he started walking around the room, every1 sitting the test started shitting there selfs and just guesing them cos we all thought there was on a min left... but there was like 5left... so scared!! haha

Just practise the questions theyr gave you and you will be fine :D
i start phase 1 on the 27th january...the best advice i have been given is tick any old box for each question in each section...then with the remaing time left check each question...if times up and you havnt checked all the questions...not to worry...at least you have answered them all...shows you have taken an 'eductaed guess' haha...and who knows...u might be right 1st time!
with reagards to guessing...

I have been told it is a negative marking scheme... (i.e... you start with full marks and they take marks off for ones you get wrong)... to prevent people simple taking a random guess...

Does anyone know if this is correct?

Also.. Topaz - I havent been given any questions to practice...


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Duffer said:
with reagards to guessing...

I have been told it is a negative marking scheme...
No it most definitely isn't negative marking- you are only credited with correct answers, but not penalised otherwise.

You are at liberty to make random guesses if you choose, but as there's usually 5 or more possible answers, you could only hope to score a random 20% correct. (A miserable fail in other words). To score less than 20% takes skill as you would have to know the correct answers to avoid them, in theory.

The way to look at is if there's only a minute left, then not answering any of those remaining means you will definitely score zero on those missed questions. Playing "Spot the Ball" means you have a 20% of getting the odd point in the last few questions. :thumright:

Cheers Ninja.

these are flying aptitude tests im due to sit.. I had posted previously about this before which was titled "Flying Aptitude Tests.." however I notice this time I have failed to mention the flying part. Mmmy bad!

Does this make a difference to any of the responses that have been given?


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No, i'm sure everyone knows what your on about. Most of the people on here (including me) have their first post asking about FATs!!! Ok not most but a fair few.


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Duffer said:
Cheers Ninja.

these are flying aptitude tests im due to sit.. I had posted previously about this before which was titled "Flying Aptitude Tests.." however I notice this time I have failed to mention the flying part. Mmmy bad!

Does this make a difference to any of the responses that have been given?
Sorry Duffer,

I thought you meant the standard Recruiting Test that all Officer candidates have to sit also. Not sure about negative marking at FATs- "natg" will probably tell you on that one.

Speed, Time Distance is your big revision area and from SF in the AIB Sticky, the rule of sixes:

silverfox said:
what we tend to do in navigation is to operate in 6 or 3 minute time segments. This is because 6 mins is a tenth of an hour and dividing by 10 is the easiest way to do maths.

for example: you are proceeding at 24kts, how far will you travel in 27 minutes?

answer: 24kts = 6 mins for 2.4nm. therefore 27 mins=4.5 x 6 minute chunks = 10.8nm.

Handy when you are trying to work out how long it will take to reach the next exit or service station on the motorway.......or so someone once told me......


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I was never told the FATs were negatively marked. But believe me you won't have time to guess, and you can't change your answers (well if you can noone showed me). Its all done on PC so once an answer is down thats it, forget it and move on, you don't have time to linger on these things, its a pressure situation, you dont have time to think about things, work out the pro's and con's, have a cuppa, sit down and then go back over it again.
You see a question, if you dont know the answer and you don't put anything down, the time will run out.
Not all the tests are like this though.

Oh and i do believe the exams at AIB are negatively marked.
great, thanks again guys...

Just been practicing some tests from a book...

I doubt if you'll be allowed scrap paper and a pencil for FATs, are you??

and with regards to the maths involved, what is the real emphasis on...
Reasonably simple maths but rapid fire...
or... Simple problems that noticably increase in difficulty...

Dividing by fractions beats me everytime!



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For soem of the tests you ar given a pencil and paper, however once that specific test is done it will be taken away from you. You are not allowed anything else in the testing room.

The emphasis is on everything. Some are difficult maths, a lot are simple maths whilst doing something else, like memorising sequences of numbers.

Try not to worry about it all too much.

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