Aptitude test

Hi can anyone help me because i have no time to go to AFCO so i need to download it of the internet, so where could i get to practice the questions on the test, does anyone know where i could download it?

Thanks Luke - AKA - Chicogiz
Although it’s not the RN aptitude test, try going to sites that test general intelligence (ie IQ tests) such as http://www.intelligencetest.com/ www.iqtest.com or www.profilingforsuccess.com

The wont be anything about the RN but they will start getting your brain thinking and working in several areas such as numerical and logical reasoning and hopefully identify any developmental areas you may have, which you could then work on.

Many questions will be similar to those in document CP119 which contains Test Prep for RT questions (I've checked and cant find this document on the net, RN or government site)

Good luck matey.


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Hi Chicogiz
I took a walk to the local library shortly before my AIB and was pleased to find that they had an abundance of aptitude test practice books. Again, as KLNA mentioned, they were not RN related but I assume the RN Aptitude Test Battery is made up of similar questions.

This is a pretty swish site, and has quite a few practice tests. As you may notice it is for the Yanks, but I think the tests must be quite similar (someone please correct me if I am wrong)


To gain access you will need to provide a US ZIP, postal address and telephone number.

The one below is for a hat shop.

SAN DIEGO - Hillcrest Location
3821 4th Ave.,
San Diego, CA 92103
Phone: (619) 683-5533

Good luck mate!


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