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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Nicky_D, Mar 11, 2007.

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  1. Hey Guys

    I have my pre joining aptitude test tomorrow - fine with most of it - my only weakness possibly being the mechanical comprehension. Any advice? Websites, what to wear, etc

    Thanks in advice for any help.

    ps anyone have any info on the wait times to join as a Warfare Specialist?
  2. hi
    be comfy, don't panic, it's all mulit choice and there are starter questions at the start of each test.
    big tip read the question, if you know it tick the box, if you don't know the answer then have another go. If you still don't know the answer then move on, they are plenty more questions for you to try!
    the tester will give you a either 2 or 3 minute warning before the end of each test, if you have finished then go back, if not keep going and have a guess and the questions you have missed. you never know you might get the right answer!, you will not be marked down if you get it wrong!
    also have breakfast, you will need it they is nothing worse than a rumbling stomach when you are trying to consentrate! and go to the loo before the test, you will not be able to leave once it starts!

    hope this helps
  3. I passed ok - nervous, but the first 3 sections were fine. Struggled a bit on the mechanical comprehension - but never mind. Got my interview next tuesday - pretty quick i reckon.
    I've applied for Warfare Specialist - can anyone give me any more info than whats actually on the offical website?
    The main thing i'd like to know, which i forgot to ask earlier is waiting times for this branch?
    Cheers :wink:
    Nic xx
  4. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Nic, well done, have a look through the forums theres loads of advice already from both those serving and those going through their applications, good luck to you

    Study very carefully any advice given by Creddy, He is in about his 20th year of getting around to putting his application in :shock: :shock:
  5. Hi Nicky!

    Well done!

    Can I ask how long this test was after you submitted your application?

    Cheers :wink:
  6. Cheers Guys

    It's been pretty quick really - sent off the application form on Sat 24th Feb, got a letter through the following Thurday (01/03/07), had the test today. Got the results and arranged the interview there and then. So i've got my interview a week tomorrow 20/03/07.

    All done in less than a month - seems the guys at Portsmouth are on the ball!!
  7. Thanks for the reply Nicky!

    Remember to update us with your next stages!

    So after the interview, you've got the medical right?

    Don't they give you 28 days after the medical to get fit for the fitness test?
  8. Hey Creddly

    Not sure about the details for the medical, or the PJFT - does anyone have any info on where the medical and the PJFT take place?

    Got my run on the treadmill down to just under 13 mins - at my age the target is 15:15 so i'm pretty happy with that at this point.

    Training pretty hard at the moment working on arm strength and longer distance running - any advice??
  9. hi
    the medical is normaly done the same time as the interview, you are then givern 28 days to complete the PJFT , they give you a form with a list of LA fitness centers, you will have to ring one of the LA fitness centers to book your PJFT. all will be explained by the AFCO after the interview.
    well done on your time!! keep it up you will pass no problems, best effort all the way! I am running mine on the road in just under
    13 mins, mined you I'm 25 and female, I am aiming for just unnder
    12 mins for basic.
    hope this helps
  10. Cheers Ship_Rat

    What you aiming to go in as? I'm 25 and female too. I've decided on Warfare Specialist - although this seems to change every few days!! When do you start basic?

  11. hi
    I am going in as an AET and my basic starts on the 17th June, hopefully! (the date has been unofficaly confirmed)
    ship_rat :grin:

    AET= (Air Engineering Tech) :cool: :mrgreen: :grin:
  12. Hi Ship_Rat

    you seem to be up to date with the recruitement process mate.

    I am flying over from Australia for my testing from 11-27 April.......therefore can you please give me a brief idea of:

    - how long does the testing usually take?....as in weeks or days

    - how long after being accepted did it take for you to be called up for recruit training?......I'm currently in the RAN and have my discharge in for January 2008, so if I'm not called up by then I might be stacking shelves at the local safeway for a few months

  13. hi
    I take it that you have put your application in. have to be honest I'm not sure, the reason for this is that you are still currently serving in the RAN, when i put my application in i was still serving in the TA (Territorial Army) and I had to be discharged from service before I could join the RN.
    I know if you a "regular" ie full time serving in another force eg RAF or the army then A) you might have to be discarge B) as you are in the RAN you might find that you will have to get there permission to join the RN.
    The tests the RT (tick test if you like) takes about 2hrs, if you pass. about a week later you then have an interview and a medical normaly done on the same day, you would then have to pass the PJFT a) with in your time (dependent on age and sex) b) with in 28 days of passing the medical.
    the draft time depends on how popular the branch is and what branch you are going into. the last thing is the security papers it normaly takes about 3 months but this depends on how loged the secuirity department is and the MoD and where they need to get there information from. from start to finish it has taken me about 8 months.
    do you know wich AFCO you are going to?
    do they know that you are coming over from aus?
    if not you might want to ring the AFCO, they will be able to help you more than me,but pm me if you need to, I'm on here most of the the day.

    hope this helps
  14. Thanks for your reply Nicky!

    So will the Navy take a Dim-view if you do your fitness test on the 28th day, if you want to get as fit as possible?

    I'm a bit worried now because I've had this pain in my left knee area now for a few weeks and it's not agony, but it's still there and I just don't know what to do to get rid of the pain - Trouble is, I'm too frightened to go to a doctor in case he says something like, "There's no chance you're going in the Navy with this leg my good man"!!!
  15. All you have to do is pass the test, if you really feel the need to wait til day 28 that's up to you. The system doesn't care as long as it's within the time threshold.

  16. No mate - seriously, I love a bit of pain when exercising and would hate it any other way!

    The feel of the burn, the feeling of your lungs gasping for air - I LOVE IT!

    But this pain is when I'm resting!

    It's like all my sinew, cartridge and muscle in my left knee are knotted and some days it's nothing, but other days it's really a pain in the arse!

    I'll give you an example of when it hurts - When I pull my left leg out of a trainer, I can feel a tug in the back/side of my left knee then!

    I'm more than willing to go along with it - No problem, I'm just worried the Navy will find out I'm hiding something down the lines...
  17. hey creedly
    remember 2 days till friday mate!
  18. Sorry mate - Completely missed the meaning of that!? lol
  19. AFCO? friday? submarine service? appication?
    or have you forgoten already?
    ps rest your knee for a couple of days, take neurphen or something similair, if it still continues see your doctor. better be safe than sorry! (advice only! I'm not a medic!)
  20. Lol Oh yeah, got lost there sorry mate!

    I'm actually phoning them tomorrow though to let them know I'm going down there.

    I think I'll have to see a Doctor - I've rested it for 4 weeks now mate and still no joy. I'm going to walk now for 3 weeks for an hour every day along the hills of our wondrous Welsh valleys.

    If that doesn't work, then I'm definitely off to see the Doc!

    How's your progress ship rat?

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