Aptitude test, finally!

At long last, i managed to take my aptitude test. I found it really hard actually, and misjudged my time on the first section which caused me to miss about 6 easy marks. I thought i did pretty badly and didn't think i'd managed to get enough to be a stoker. But it seems that my maths was my weakest section... and that was average. Everything else was 'well above average', being brought down to a general above average score. So i was very, very surprised. And of course, very pleased that most trades are open to me. Of course my eyesight may narrow down the amount of trades open to me, but i'm so pleased to have done well enough.
Thanks! No... At least i hope not, because otherwise it was very short and i fucked it up! I was umming and ah-ing a lot because i was a bit stunned i achieved what i needed to, and when he asked me about the ME trade i said every cliche in the book, interspersed with more 'uhhh's and stifled grins.
I was given an eye-test sheet. If i do ok with that, can i presume i'll be asked to an interview? I'll have a mooch on the forums for more info.

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