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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by karskin, Mar 1, 2009.

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  1. Hey, just wanting some advice over somethng that's worrying me.

    I passed my AIB for Aircrew (pilot) on the 8th February, and from what i've been told, its a pretty good pass.

    I've been told by both my CLO, and by my board president that based on my AIB and FAT results, and on historical trends that i could be confident of selection for April. I was told i wouldn't hear anything until mid-late march about whether or not i'd been selected.

    From what i can gather, a lot of Aircrew have already been offered positions at Dartmouth, including one the candidates who passed with me on the 8th February.

    Im starting to get a little concerned over what my chances are now, based on your experiences, is it too early to start worrying yet? Or should i start looking towards September rather than April?

    Any help would be much appreciated...
  2. I wouldn't start worrying yet, the majority of candidates who are accepted are not notified until they receive their joining instructions in March, it's only the apparently exceptional ones who are offered a place early. By the sound of it you should be fine, don't start worrying until the end of March!
  3. Well thats a relief...i was under the impression that if I hadn't been contacted yet i hadn't been selected :?
  4. Nah, it just means you haven't been selected....yet! :p Let us know when you do!
  5. I received a letter today saying that the April intake is now full and that I wouldn't be considered until late July for the September entry. I attended AIB on 23rd of February and got a high AIB score but weak aptitudes for pilot. Don't know if that helps or not...probably not!
  6. As you may know, you can spend up to twelve months in the post-AIB pool - so on 22 Feb 2010 you will drop out. It's just possible that you could be selected for April 2010, I guess, but they take from the top of the pool all the time (by FATs scores).
  7. Do you know that for certain A_A? And how do you know i.e. are you currently involved at AIB? It's just that I don't think FAT scores are the be all and end all - the President of the Board stressed that both scores are taken in to account.
  8. I spoke to the staff officer who handles FAA recruiting at DNR, and he told me what I have relayed above. My guess is that AIB scores may be used to differentiate at the margins - ie two candidates with equal FATs scores, just on the bottom of the BRNC list - then the one with the better AIB score is in.

    However, I don't believe that a low FATs score candidate with a high AIB score will get in above a bare AIB pass with a high/medium FATs. The cost of flying training is very high, and so they minimise the risks by taking those with the best aptitide. There are only about sixty places a year for RN aircrew in total, so it's vital that the flying training system is fully and efficiently utilised. The RN needs good pilots who can hack the officer bit - not great officers who are just about OK to be let loose in an aircraft.

    You have to remember that there is no shortage of applicants - which is why the 130 aptitude threshold exists - if there were not enough then they'd take anyone with 112 or above.

    As I've said elsewhere, your optimism is commendable, but I fear you will be disappointed. I hope I'm wrong.
  9. This is kind of good news to me. . .

    I've been in the AIB pool since the 8th February and i havent heard anything about April selection being full...could mean that i've been selected and just havent been informed yet, otherwise i'd have had the letter informng me of it being full by now...

    What do you guys think?
  10. Sounds quite good mate - I think our board just missed the cut off point for April because there was no mention of it until we received the letter today. The Board President has written a note at the bottom saying April is now full so I guess you've either been selected or they are looking over the last few people. Who knows! If in doubt, just ring/email the TSO - because I don't think that they inform you if you've been unsuccessful, they just hold you over for the next selection board.
  11. Well i was told not to expect anything until mid-march :S

    So im going to sit tight until then, then if i havent heard anything start kicking up a fuss :D
  12. FATs and AIB - update

  13. :roll: quote AA :roll: The RN needs good pilots who can hack the officer bit - not great officers who are just about OK to be let loose in an aircraft. :oops: :oops:
    Can you talk me through that one again?? How would the wanabee Jockey know he was going to hack it at Dartmouth?? Always thought BRNC Dartmouth trained great Sirs, I will have to contact P.O. :roll: :roll: My C/O on the Buccaneer squdron started life as a N.A. :wink: :wink:
  14. Thanks for the stats A_A - very interesting. Could you enquire as to how many people sit in the aircrew pool at any one time?

    Obviously this is a hard question to answer as people are passing/failing AIB on a regular basis and then also people's 'passes' are expiring all the time too - so I guess the numbers constantly change.

    However if, say, there are 200 people in the pool for twenty places then that would suggest competition really is very fierce. However, if there are only 50 people in the pool then this would make for more optimistic reading.
  15. I'm not sure if that info is available.

    There will be people who are in the pool, but turn down a place becuase they have been offered by the RAF or the Army. There may even be others who change their minds. All that said, though, it seems that the 125-130 mark is vital to get into BRNC - 120 is very risky, and sub 120 - pretty much no chance.

    I don't think it's 200 in the pool, or perhaps even 50. Some of course will be in the pool early, and not be able to join until they graduate/leave school.

    I know that a lad on 120 did not get in, despite being in the pool until at least the middle of last year - he did however get into Cranwell as P.
  16. True, but after looking at his story he got both a low pilot apt score and a low AIB score. So we shall see! Not giving up just yet, especially as a couple of my friends got in with sub 120 FATS but very good AIB scores. Will stop all my speculation now and wait to hear the opinion of those that are completely in the know...the AIB!
  17. Good shout! Too many so-called "experts" on here.
  18. Thats the way i'm going!

    Not that im discrediting anyone on here, but im going to give it a few week and wait for something official, after all we don't know how thier system works, god forbid we'd be worried if they did!
  19. Evening all.

    I passed my AIB on March 10th for DGE Warfare (surface fleet), and had hoped, however implausibly, to squeeze into an April entry. The senior service, however, had other ideas and informed me in my confirmation letter today that the next available entry would be September. All immediate hopes dashed and a long wait until the selection board convenes in July.

    I have a 'very good' pass to my name though, and can afford to be 'reasonably optimistic' of selection. Although I'll find that difficult, as a lot can, and will, change between now and July.


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