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April Pot Luck book competition

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Time to empty my bookshelves once more so here goes with a Pot Luck competition. The questions are not related in any way and are just the first things that came to mind. There will be six books up for grabs, a mixture of fiction and non-fiction Mil Hist.

The competition can be entered through here: Entry Form

This competition will run until Sunday 2nd April, or thereabouts.
Hi all, finally got round to closing off the competition and choosing winners (using a random number generator - no human hands were involved). The winners are:

@johnboyzzz : @TugTwin1 : @HHH : @Gout Man : @CanteenCowboy : @seajudged

Emails have gone to the winners so back to me asap so I can empty my bookshelf once more!


Q1 The only character to move across from the Star Trek pilot is: Spock

Q2 General de Gaulle was commissioned in to the French army in the Infantry

Q3 The architect and scapegoat of the Battle of Arras was General Allenby, who went on to fame in the Middle East.

I probably wont have time for another comp this month but should have one for May for you all to have a moan at again! See you then.
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